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Particles All Same Speed?

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  • Particles All Same Speed?

    How do you get particles to all move at the exact same speed in all directions, or a specified direction?

    I basically want an exploding shere of particles that shoot outward, all at the exact same speed, preserving the shape of the sphere. (imagine an expanding sphere of particles)

    Can it be done?

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    Yeah it can be done thats for sure. As I always say open up epics example map for emitters and they have several firework/expanding sphere particle explosions.

    If I was making an expanding sphere I would have whatever sets of particles you want start from the same location. Then its as simple as making them accelerate outwards at the same speed. Then you can fade them out at the end. The effect is going to be random each time and you won't be able to control the particles exactly but I believe you can do what you want provided all the particles have the same acceleration rate.


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      I know how to accelerate particles, but I don't know how to do it uniformly.

      If I set X, Y, and Z acceleration, they all fly off in a certain direction.

      How do you get them to expand in all directions?

      Edit: Ah, I got it. Checked in Epic's Particle Examples map. It's Add Radial that I was looking for

      Ty Oddjob.


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        Yeah I couldn't remember what it was exactly. I've been rather busy with work lately so I didn't have time to check first hand. I just knew I was piddling with fireworks at one time.