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Transparent Texture Help me plz >.<

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    Transparent Texture Help me plz >.<

    I need help on transparent texture that I am using Adobe Photoshop 6 and I look at the vtm that I did it right but it didn't came out right. It should have transparent texture. I don't know what with the alpha channel is that I am new at this texturing. Can anyone give links or step by step. >.<. I try everything importing the unreal editor that came out blank as a transparent in diferent ways. Does the unreal read only rbg? or other format like cmyk for tranparent.

    My friend wanted to texture the face of the character look like green like glass and the face of the person. But it have an helmet over the person head.

    Alright, in photoshop, open up the channels tab (it's right next to the layers tab). Click create new layer, this will be your alpha layer. Anything white in this layer will be 100% visible, anything black will be 100% invisible, shades of grey from white to black will be more and more transparent. So make the whole layer white, then darken or black out the section you want to be transparent. Save your image out as a targa(.tga) file, 32 bit to be safe, I think 16 bit will work too.
    Open unrealED, import your texture, make sure you check the alpha box before you import. Right click on your texture and compress as a dxt3 or dxt5, do dxt5 to be safe search the wiki or udn to find out the difference between the two.

    I'm rushed for time so this was a pretty basic and concise tutorial, if you still need help I'll go over it in more detail and with pictures.



      I need more detail if you not busy at all. But it can be confussing for the alpha layer that pretty new and not know a lot happen >.<: