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beginner mapper with a dissappearing problem

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    Noted, I will refrain from answering your questions in the future.


      iv'e already laid down my weapons of war

      i agree it can be discouraging but you are asking for peoples help regardless of who they are.

      and trust me there are alot of people out there that are worse. i would say we kept that difference of opinions relativley humane


        well, i will have to give you that. you remember those websites i mentioned? well, if you get the chance, go browse's BBS. its not as bad as it used to be, but theres still a lot of people who will read what you have to say and, without missing a beat, respond with "STFU, U STUPID N00B!" and walk away. it can be really frustrating. same sort of thing with, but there, its mostly underage kids who just wanna cyber. and at well, lets just say i purposely had my account banned so i wouldnt inadvertantly come back to that site. yeah, it is a good programming block, but its website, the last time i checked, needed a good house cleaning and its members a good swift kick in the head.

        sorry, i went on a bit of a ramble there. but the point is, im just sick of people arguing online. i know its foolish to think it will ever stop, but whenever i see it, i just try to stop it asap.


          ok, heres another question. ive decided instead of trying to make my own teleporter effects, im going to find a level that have some that i like, copy them, then paste them into my level. does anyone know the name of a level that has teleporters that give sort of a flame/waterdrop shaped light? the one im thinking on had green colored teleporters and the lights looked like they were from a butane torch. do you know what i mean?


            i cant think of one off hand, but it sounds like you could make those yourself really easily. I've found that copying/pasting stuff from other levels helps to visualize what i want to do, but it doesn't help me to actually recreate said effect from scratch. I would find one you like, copy into your level, and take a look at the settings to get an idea for how they did it. then, try to recreate the emitter yourself, changing a few variables to see how the properties work. the basic elements you're going to want to use would be texture(obviously). find a nice fog or mist texture, there are tons of them. then you're gonna mess with velocity, color and fade out. there are tons more you will use, but these properties should get you headed in the right direction. will give you a decent looking torch effect.


              what i really want is for someone to tell me about the various properties that i would need to mess with to get the teleporter effects. i mean, thats a start, but i dont know what other ones i would have to change or what i should change those ones to.

              i copied and pasted a standard teleporter emitter from another map into mine and it made the effect it was supposed to. i went and opened the properties window and switched between a generic, unmodified emitter and that one and found no difference between them. the properties, as far as i could tell, were exactly the same. :weird: this is where i get confused. i wish there was a semi decent tut on how to modify emitters for teleporters... :cry:


                ok, heres another question. lets say i have a lift that i want to have move up to the top of its path when a player gets near it or activates it somehow. is there any way to do that? i think this question was posted a little earlier on this board, but i couldnt find it. any tips?


                  yup if you have the object -> Initial state as :SatndOpenTime

                  It will activte when you stand on it

                  I beleive the other time under "mover" set the amount of time you need to stand on it


                    maybe i wasnt clear... =/

                    lets say i have a mover that moves from point 1 to point 2. i can make it move from point 1 to 2 when its activated at point 1 like its supposed to. but what i want is for it to move from point 1 to point 2 when someone does something to activate it at point 2. sort of like putting a call feature on the mover so it goes from 1 to 2 with out being activated from 1 first.

                    i hope that better clarification.


                      actually i dont know why more people havn't thought of that LOL

                      (i beleive with that you will run into trouble with bots)

                      but anyway all you will need to do is use a simple trigger.

                      so put a trigger at the bottom and at the top with the same events. and turn the mover to trigger toggle.


                        huh... i did think about using a trigger... but i have no clue how to use them. i guess ill fiddle around wiith them until i get the right results.

                        the only reason i preffer to know what im doing instead of trial and error is because my computer has been acting :bulb: wonky :bulb: lately and sometimes it doesnt like when i do things to it.


                          heres another question.

                          im thinking of getting ut2k4 to replace 2k3. will my old maps and character skins work with the new version? i really wanna keep my effegy skin.


                            yup i have heard ut23 is compatible with ut24 but i am not sure if they need to converted. i just know you can. .... .. somehow

                            maps you can also convert but they can be tricky i beleive


                              Emittance ****

                              a GREAT START to my emitter experiece is right here >>

                              it doesn't go into any specifics on what does what (some ppl like that). it lays down what to put in the emitter fields. this is valuable experience is that it sets you up to see what does what and how it works without wordy explanations.

                              the 2nd thing is to check out the map 'particleexamples', or something like that, that comes with the retail installation of 2k4. File > Open > scroll to the P's