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beginner mapper with a dissappearing problem

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    beginner mapper with a dissappearing problem

    ok, i posted this on the begginers tut's thread, but i guess no one reads that anymore.

    i have a problem with a map of mine. now, the map works fine until i do this. when i test it out, i spawn fine, and everythings good.

    now then, the problem: whenever i try to subtract a cube for a skybox(or for any reason, really), the terrain vanishes for no apparent reason. if i try to play the game after subtracting the cube, when i spawn, i automatically die. the terrain isnt in view of the spawn point either(in case thats relavant) the only way to fix this is to reload the map to a point before i subtracted the cube.

    my map looks like that in the mapping tutorial that was stickied on top of the page(hence why i posted this first on that thread)

    does anyone know any way to fix this? am i doing something wrong?

    Rebuild All.


      *smacks forehead*

      stupid, stupid, stupid!

      thanks :noob:


        heres another question:

        how do i go about making some cool looking teleporter effects? the only tut ive been able to find is very vague and only tells me how to do one type of effect.


          Originally posted by neogeo0823
          heres another question:

          how do i go about making some cool looking teleporter effects? the only tut ive been able to find is very vague and only tells me how to do one type of effect.
          Emitterscheck this out!


            those are some kick *** effects! i have two questions about them, though.

            1. those are for UT2K3, right?

            2. does that site have effects for teleports? i only saw environmental things, like lightning, rain, snow, breaking glass, etc.


              2004 2003 editor is almost exactly the same

              its mainly just that the actor classes have been extended in 2004.

              e.g. vehicles turrets etc etc

              So many almost all of the 2003 tuts you can use for 2004.

              Just make sure your not doing turret tut's for 2003 cause most of the problems then are now fixed (kinda)


                hmmm... maybe i waasnt being claer enough =/

                i have UT2K3 and im running Ued 3.0. i want to know if theres a tutorial (or if anyone can just tell me) to make some different light effects for teleporters. thats it. i found one tut online, but it was fairly poor and only told me how to do one type of light effect. i forgot the name of the site the tut was on, but i remember it had 8something in its name. like 8ballshare or something similar.

                if anyone can help out, by all means, do:bulb: :cry:



                  This one ??


                    yup, that was the one. the reason i didnt like it too much is mainly because it didnt tell me anything about the emitter properties. i feel that if i knew something about the emitter properties, then i could create my own effects or something.


                      i would take the emiiter and muck around with it till you start understanding what different things do.

                      Thats how i learnt


                        i suppose i could...

                        but then again... any tips you can give me would be good. :noob:


                          ok, i have another question. im trying to use a static mesh for a light in my level and i noticed int he properties window that it has lighting options. i messed around with them and set them to the same settings as the light actors in my level (yes, the light acors do work properly) and when i tried to play the map, the static mesh/light that i have does not cast any light. the thing is, though, that when i do a realtime preview without actually playing the map, the light works fine and i can see where i am going.

                          anyone wanna take a stab at this one and help me out? thanks in advance



                            Static meshes dont light things

                            You will need to add a light under the mesh to replicate light


                              darn! well, it was worth a shot :noob:

                              if thats the case, then the item im using is in the alleria hardware group of static meshes and its called jglobelight01AL. is there any advice you can give me to make the light... ball... thingy that it has on the end look like its the one giving off the light? i mean, do i just put the light under it? cause doesnt that just make it look like its lit beneth(sp?) the lightball? is there some special arrangement that i have to use to make it look like its lighting everything, or will just one suffice?

                              please and thanks