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    Mecha Invasion

    Greeting to all readers...

    I have this ideia for a MOD wandering around, still on paper. It kind of combines the gameplay of an invasion-assault-cooperative game. Basically what I have in mind is pitching a team of players against an invasion of a vicious machine entity (AI controlled). Each map the players have, as the main objective, to defend/secure a base and exterminate all of the machines. All maps would be linked like a single player game, and between levels players would be given the choice to improve/upgrade their starting condition for the next scenario, and save the sate of the campaign to resume it later.

    I really have to admit the parts for this ideia came from other mods/games and the strange necessity to have a good cooperative game (kind of extinct... these days). If there is any author(s) that see any similarity(ies) with their idea(s), then it most likelly is true, and I would like to know what idea and it's author to give him/her proper credit.

    Anyway, I would like to see this done but my steps on UC learning are slower than acceptable, my understanding of UnrealED is very limited. I have never done a 3D model in my life, nor any textures/skins. I am not tring ot get people to do this for me, I am just asking these few questions:

    - Is this possible to do in UT2004?
    - How about ... in a way so that I can later port it to the upcoming UT2007 (I think this is the name...) without much problems?
    - Where can I get help on learning how to... ?

    Thanks in advance!...

    Yes it is possible. No it would not be easy. Security would be the most interesting part, to make sure people don't skip levels...


      Skip levels? Never really thought of that. I want this to integrate in UT2004 like a new GameMode. If we want to play MechaInvasion we simply select it on the gametype menu in skirmish/multiplayer, and after that the "select map" place doesn't exist and players are given simple setings to pick from. Like skill, number of respawns (w/ option to have them "unlimited"), etc...

      Of course they stil can open each map on the command line, but then again, I think that is possible since Unreal 1?... :weird:

      ...or wasn't this what you had in mind? I won't make any modifications to the netcode and cheat detection already integrated in Unreal. I will just expand some classes. Make a new gametype, make a new monster (AI), add a few weapons., add some misc. objects...

      I think when I said MOD I gave the impression of making something from the core engine, not something to integrate in the full game, like some sort of bonus pack... ... which is the case! Perhaps I should stop saying... "MOD", and start calling it "Expansion Pack" or something...?


        hi I`d like to help if your serious about making it.I can do a little modeling,mapping an texturing

        sounds like a fun mode to play but i`d rather see it as a mutator i think it`s always nice when you stumble onto a server with something totally new on rather than have a game type where you`ve got to already know about it and have it installed to even see it in the server browser..


          Yes I am serious about creating this mod. I have sketches and some stuff written on paper because I am still learning to do stuff to Unreal.

          I am planning this as totally new gametype, extending from the original UT2004. Not as some sort of TC where only the core game engine remains there. So, I really think it should show up on the server browser in a "clean" fresh installed copy. If you don't have it already installed I think it will download everything from the server... not that i'd recomend it!...

          Maybe it's a good idea to start sharing some stuff about the background story? I have a couple of friends that got themselves learning how to create stuff for this just after hearing that.


            Known space is big, but not big enough to support the needs of all the known races in it for either resources or raw materials. But at this point, even the Skaarj are reluctant to fight against all others to expand themselves. First, because it would be a war that they would HARDLY win... but the main reason is, this apparent lack of supplies hits everyone. And it's a lot easier to EXPAND into unknown solar systems, colonize new planets. To avoid all-out open conflict over new settled worlds, a series of treaties were imposed on all races. Those treaties are enforced by a joint independant force, composed from members of all races! Everyone skilled enough could join this newlly formed taskforce. Needles to say, Liandry Tournaments are the main supplier of new troopers. Either because they never got more than a meager rank, because they simply didn't made enough money to be in there, or because they are getting to a point they simply NEED to bail out. Anyway, this new taskforce actually has a noble and good purpose. And was founded on the best of intentions. As such, the respect and prestige almost rivaled with Liandry Tournaments. Although the cash payoff was far below the Tournaments this didn't hamper the constant supply of new soldiers.
            The first years of this new formed taskforce were very productive, they mediated and solved small conflicts and skirmishes right before they escalated to something more serious. And by having a true neutral stance, decisions were almost never contested.
            All races were in a new "golden age" of space exploration, much sooner than expected the whole quadrant of the galaxy would be probed, thanks to a very effective spy technology developed by the Necris and surprisingly easy granted to this common goal of space exploration. Everything goes so well, that even entire uncolonized planets are traded as simple merchandise. This though, hadthe side effect of confusing the frontiers between territories, and of course skirmishing escalated. But still just the presence of a simple wing of the taskforce fighters and a carrier, was enough to stall any rising of conflict. Eventually, the problem was solved with the creation of the "1st Common Ring", an area of space open to everyone with the frontiers reduced to the highest orbit of a colonized planet. A common surveilance network was set and the taskforce was given full authority over it.
            Everything went smoothly, and this expansion was so beneficial to everyone, that the plans of a "2nd Common Ring" were being discussed soon after the estabilishment of the surveilance network.
            And it happened. Not long after, the first planets of the "2nd Common Ring" were colonized. For the first time, the taskforce had an active role in the expansion, rather than simply sit tight waiting for problems to arise. It would seem the 2nd stage of this expansion would get done alot faster than the first.
            And then something serious happened, the full proof surveialnce technology of the necris failed. An entire sub-sector simply blacked out. But as the colonies in that sub-sector reported nothig besides that, and no abnormal activitie in their own long range scans, the taskforce dipatched a small fleet issued with a few Necris technicians and engineers to get the net back up.
            As the fleet reached the borders of the sector, comunication from the colonies in that sub-sector just started to go silent... one by one, comencing on the far out ones. An one of the Necris officers in the fleet sugested, this would look like an attack from their Phaydra elite force... if not the fact, the colonies were being "silenced" too fast. Too precise. Their surveilance technology would not simply "go dead". It would always transmit a warning first, so that technicians could go in and repair it before a total critical failure of this magnitude could ever happen. Not to mention anything known coming near any of the sensors would be detected long before knowing the exact position of the sensors. Sometime later, the position of the first array is reached. But, the array is nowhere to be found!... And the next array... and the next!... Every single array that stopped responding has vanished! Those had to be replaced ASAP! As soon as the first sensor array was in place and working, one very odd signal was detected from the closest colony from their position. Fearing that it would be some kind of "improvised SOS" the rushed to investigate, simply to find a dead, dark, lifeless planet. Not quite the colony the Gen Mokai would find "valuable". As they prefer the more tropical type, warm planets. they tried to pick the colony up in the comm channels, but they got silence. Since the mission was "repair the network", they though it would be best to call in reinforcements and more supplies since the task simple got too big for them to handle. But oddly enough, the base coudn't be reached. It seems whatever blocked the colonies communications, is starting to afect them also. As the order to withdraw was given by the fleet admiral, a very faint blue glow lighted the planet surface below. Seconds later a large dark sphere escaping detection from every sensor, comes into visual contact with the fleet. It was coming in so fast!... It seemed more like a projectile than a weapon, but if it was a projectil, it was very ill aimed, because it missed the fleet by far. But as it got by the fleet it shimmered with the same blue glow as was seen on the planet and fragmented itself, no blast, no glare... it simply splitted into inumerous smaller blocks, and those blocks in turn... also shimmered... and split... and they split again... untill there simply were no blocks. After being freaked out by this wierd "encounter", with jammed comms, they started to rush their retreat, but it was right at that time that the space arount the entire fleet seemed to start glowing... and just after, they seemed to be inside an electrical blue haze! Right at that moment, the engines of every ship just ceased. And they were forced to stand still inside that haze, while their engineers struggled to fix... perfectly working engines! Yet they simply refused to work. Slowly, they haze diminished, and stoped glowing... and the engines started again. As they were about to move again, the ships in the back, noticed the hulls of the entire fleet seemed to glow, the same glow as that "haze". While they moved on, a small probe was sent to collect samples of that glowing blue residue, as the probe touched a hull, whatever was covering the ships seemed to "run away" from the probe. More probes sent, didn't made a diference. It was getting pretty clear that this "thing", whatever it was, didn't want to be taken as a sample. The fleet admiral then simply ordered the every ship to halt any advancement. They were not bringing that home, specially without knowing what that was. But he also didn't want them all to die here. So they aimed to the nearest "live" colony from their position and aproached just in long range communications distance. And hailed the colony asking if they could relay their communications to the taskforce hq. Luckylly they could, and they still had communications with the 1st Common Ring. So that wouldn't be a problem. As they were setting up the link, the colony told the fleet to stand by... their long range sensors had picked up a meteorite heading towards them, and that was probably difficulting the operation. After that, communication with the colony went down. The taskforce fleet waited and tried to open communications with them again, but that didn't made a diference. The colony seemed "dead" like the others. They decided to head there taking precautions not to spread what they were carrying on to the planet. As they reached there, everything looked fine from above. all reading normal, some minor activity on the surface. Probably from terraforming machinery, and several other colony hardware. When they tried to hail them... the only response they got, were 2 high-yeld warheads fired from the surface. They immediatelly activated countermeasures and started evasive maneuvers... but right after that the engines went dead again, leaving every ship a sitting duck. The the two ship ahead took the hits, and their hulls cracked like if they were made of glass, shattering into small shards, and the flames engulfed both of them. Those two ships were well capable of sustaining ONE direct hit. It seemed whatever was covering them ships was somehow messing up with the hull. And then, two more warheads launched... two by two, they were all destroyed the same way, quick, precise, clean.
            Back home, in the taskforce's hq. After one week without contact, one carrier was sent, with the sole mission of finding what was happening there, and report back. Scout mission only. The best troopers were assigned to that ship. If they encountered any hostile activitie, a full issue armada had been assigned patrol duty on the borders of that area and would quicklly reach them if needed. And so they went!...

            ... the players go onboard that carrier!


              Details on the gameplay to follow up!...


                wow thats alot of writing......

                but would make a nice intro video tho


                  As promissed, here are the gameplay details:

                  Before each map start, all players go to a sort of "Lobby" where they can chat nas perform other pre-battle operations, such as selecting the starting equipment from a common inventory pool, and purchasing/unlocking and sell some equipment and reading some tips/briefings. The gamestate and progress is then saved on the server for each participating player. After all players are ready, the map then starts. The main goal for each and every map is to erradicate the Mecha infestation. The map allways starts relativelly 'clean'. After a random period of time, one Mecha sphere falls from the sky like a meteorite. Uppon impact, it starts it's invasion cycle. Describbed simply as: establish and secure impact zone -> build Mecha swarms -> send swarms to attack key base facilityes (power core, mainframe, command center.). Players loose the game if they loose all base key facilities and they all die. The game does not end with all base facilities destroyed. It ends when all players are dead, and there is no chance of respawn, namelly when the command center is captured.

                  Each base facility has diferent active side-effects on the game:

                  Power Core:
                  - Players: Allows base defence turrets and all other machinery to function.
                  - Mecha: Increases AlphaSphere Mecha spawn rates.

                  Base Mainframe computer:
                  - Player: Base automated defences attack Mechas on sight. Ammo/health/powerup spawn powerups.
                  - Mecha: Base automated defences attack Players on site. Ammo/health/powerup spawn machinery spawn Mecha NanoSwarms.

                  Base Command Center:
                  - Players: respawn point, allows players to respawn if dead.
                  - Mecha: Triggers 'Extermination' function. Facility captured -> hunt & kill all players.

                  In short, this is generally how I can describe my idea. There are several other more particular things. One of which is that the Mechas have the abillity to fuse/transform/mutate into other Mecha types. I don't yet know if this is possible or not to do in UScript, but since it seems a very flexible scripting language I won't quit this ideia yet. I am not quitting any good ideias just because they will be hard to do. Yes, Mecha Invasion probably is one of the most hard to accomplish game concepts but I am 100% sure the fun will compensate for the hell I'll get through!


                    Coding on MechaInvasion just started this week!

                    Currently working on:

                    - New Assault Rifle (AR785-LB) and a mutator to replace the original Assault Rifle. Mainly for testing purposes. The new weapon is now usable, and placeable on maps. Need to create the Animations and meshes for the HUD and Pickup.
                    * I started by this as a part of my UScript learning process...

                    Next Step:

                    - GameType rules.
                    - Integrate the new GameType with the standard UT2004 menu.
                    * I believe this to be necessary to start creating the specific maps for this in order to test out the several new objects and AI scripts that need to be implemented.


                      I love that idea about your starting condiction reflecting apon your ending condition of the previous level. Always felt it was some massive oversight a *TON* of games overlooked. I mean why wouldnt they want continuity between levels.. its funny tho the ones that do do it, you dont notice.. the ones that dont do this, you think REALLY REALLY need it.


                        I alway have been a major fan of good cooperative games. SPECIALLY then ones with: a good story, abillity to save the game, and resume it latter with your buddies and PAUSE. Believe it or not. I have yet to see one like this since the age of Doom 1 & 2. I simply got tired of seeing release after release of great games without it. Have you tried to play a game in Multiplayer Cooperative, right out of the box? I mean, to play it in cooperative when not you nor your friends have played before? I actually did play Doom 2 once like this. And believe me, THAT is still the best gaming experience for me yet! And I can't wait to bring that into Unreal.

                        Unfortunatelly, I am way over my head here. I am not getting the help I was expecting from my freinds. Although they seemed very interested in helping, they are very reluctant in learning to do stuff and actually make something.

                        BUT I AM NOT GIVING UP! I will do this, either it takes me a couple of months, or couple of years... I want to play this!


                          Originally posted by Carlos_Ed
                          Holy plz-make-paragraphs!


                            LoL, I reckon I get a bit carried away when talking about this...
                            I'll try to make my posts a bit easier to read from now on.

                            BTW I am taking oppinions on what should I call the taskforce. Like, it's one of the main things on the story and I am still waiting to find a name that suits it.