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AntiCamper as in AM / TAM

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    AntiCamper as in AM / TAM

    I am looking for an AntiCamper Mutator such as you can find in TAM / AM..

    I know the AntiCamper with the Smithskin etc. But that would even better.

    Basicially I am looking for a mutator were I can setup a Camping time.. When expired the camper loses about 5 or 10 HP even such and such seconds ...

    Is there something already out there or could someone script something like this ?

    I am sure there is a mut. I used to play invasion for ut2003 and people used to camp all the time, then the admin used a mut that if you camped it would say your are camping then you did lose enegy until you were dead. Dunno what happened to it but it solved alot of probs.