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Gametype Idea: MH-Manhunt

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    I guess there're a lot of double posts on this forum, aren't there? Come on, I may have started this thread with relatively nothing, but I saved myself and actually came up with a list of rules. Nobody has any comments? I think a gametype in which you could be the hunter and the hunted at the same time would be thrilling, but then again, I probably do read way too much Tom Clancy.

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  • started a topic Gametype Idea: MH-Manhunt

    Gametype Idea: MH-Manhunt

    Has anyone here ever played manhunt before? It reminds me of hide and go seek, but with everyone looking for a single person as opposed to that person searching for everyone else. It can make an awesome nighttime activity during the summer, and what if it was applied to UT2k4? Here is my idea for MH-Manhunt (please don't steal it ):

    The purpose of Manhunt is to chase down and kill the "lone wolf," hopefully reaching the decided goal score by the end of the match. The blue team is the lone wolf's default team color, and the amount of players on it can be adjusted to even the odds if desired. The first person on a server automatically becomes the lone wolf, as does anyone who starts an Instant Action game on MH, although they can change teams afterwards. No one on the red team can change to blue unless there's already a slot to fill, however, and bots will occupy such positions first and foremost in the event that the blue team is incomplete.

    Now, Manhunt resembles ONS in the sense that each team starts at opposite ends of the map and has its own base. The campsites (or what would be the Power Nodes in Onslaught) are already built, however, and under the lone wolf's complete control. They act as spawn points and will usually house weapon lockers and vehicles. They cannot be attacked and are still linked, but only for use in the teleportation system. The lone wolf can zip between campsites, but only to those that are linked to the one he or she is presently at. This offers many strategic opportunities in how the lone wolf can evade the red team, or how the red team can trap the lone wolf, who must also wait for a predetermined amount of time (five seconds by default) before teleporting to the next campsite. The lone wolf can choose a preferred spawn point, but there's a risk that the opposition will pick up on this and stake it out. The red team may not have many vehicles besides the ones at their base and whatever else they may be able to steal from the lone wolf, but a camper alert may be used to keep the lone wolf always moving and never hiding in a single spot for the entire match. Or if the red team gets lazy, it can aid the lone wolf by warning him or her of enemies dozing off in the brush.