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    Matrix Invasion

    Ok, I've been playing the Matrix Online since the end of beta and this idea just popped into my head. What about a matrix Invasion pack? Sentinels could spawn in the map and attack players close up and with lazers, Smiths could spawn and attack players with kung-fu or a gun... Lupines or Vamps(from reloaded) could also spawn. I think it would be do-able.

    i could write you a little addon for the satore monster pack to make the agent smith player model spawn as a monster
    its just a matter of changing the defualt properties of the nali fighter


      That would be very cool...

      I have asked before if someone could create a mutator that would use player models in invasion and was told that it would be very difficult...

      Could you assign any available model or would it have to be set as a specific model?


        sounds ok! I'd play it after trying to find it in my **** load of mutators that i have!


          here`s the agent smith addon for satore monster pack

          To Install You must have satore monster pack installed as well as the Agent Smith Player model Available Here......

          Next you Need SmithAddon.u available Here.....

          Place the SmithAddon.u in your ut2004\system folder then in the Addon Monsters tab of the satore mutator add the monster name as AgentSmith and the monster class as SmithAddon.Agentsmith

          note you may need to close the config page and reopen it so that it refreshes the monsters

          the addon still need the sounds configuring so if you know of any good voice packs maybe i can update it


            Outstanding Work!!!!:up: :up:

            It also works with monster manager...

            Now I have question could this be adapted to allow any player model to be used?

            Or would there have to be a addon file for each model?


            congratulations... it works great

            very soon my invasion server will have a SMITH WAVE...


              Would be good for a final invasion wave. Flood the level with smiths, give you a feeling like the last movie hehe.


                Now I got to make a burly brawl map... lol


                  yes you can use any player model you like but you`ll have to make a addon for those too ,,

                  All we need now is some cool sentinel models and animations,A Zion Dock map and some Apu vehicles and we`re half way to a nice little mod



                    I had a small Lan Party over the weekend and the Smith Addon was a great success:up: :up:



                      thanks for all the great feed back I`ve also made a few other monsters using other mutators when i used to run a server maybe i`ll redo them too...


                        That would be great!!!!

                        staying with the matrix theme it's too bad there's not a "sentinel" model that could swapped out for the gasbags...

                        do you have a tutorial or a guide on how you made the smithaddon?


                          ok luckily i`ve been asked this question before he`s the reply i sent them

                          ok assuming you have the satore pack and agentsmith player model installed

                          start unreal editor

                          open the actor browser

                          klik file

                          klik open package

                          find satoreMonsterPackv120.u and open

                          klik file again

                          export all scripts

                          open ut2004 directory

                          find satoreMonsterPackv120.u folder

                          open classes folder

                          find SMPNaliFighter.uc

                          right klik and copy

                          return to ut2004 directory and create a folder called MySmithAddon

                          open that folder and create another folder called classes

                          in that folder right klik and paste

                          rename the file to MySmithAddon

                          open it in any text editor (I surgest getting "context" and the ut highlighter)

                          change the text to

                          class MyAgentSmith extends SMPNaliFighter config(satoreMonsterPack);


                          notice all i have done extended the classe "SMPNaliFighter" to my own class "MyAgentSmith"
                          and deleted the rest the brackets are also important


                          open your ut2004/systen folder

                          find ut2004.ini

                          open it

                          in the [Editor.EditorEngine] section add after the other editpackages


                          save the file

                          now klik start (on windows taskbar)

                          then klik run

                          type ucc make and klik ok

                          you`ll get a dos box appear

                          you should get somthing like aload of scipts scrolling then

                          Success - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)

                          check in ut2004/system directory and find MySmithAddon.u

                          Congratulations you made your own monster!!!!

                          ps his class name is MySmithAddon.MyAgentSmith
                          and name is MyAgentSmith


                          oh yeah you can change the other default properties too just remember

                          to make changes you have to delete or move the old .U file (very important)

                          if you dont the editor detects the old .u in the system folder and doesnt compile

                          the changes you made!!!

                          if you wanted to apply this to other models try opening the upl file for the model it gives you important information like the mesh and skins it uses


                            Thanks a lot...

                            I (along with several friends) appreciate the time you have spent on this...



                              Could you post the other monsters you have made?

                              would like to give them a try