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Pickup truck, billy bob!!!!!

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    Pickup truck, billy bob!!!!!

    Maybe one of these days I'll learn to model and make the sucker myself.

    But anyway, a pickup truck would make an awesome vehicle and here's how:

    1. Driver. Drives the thing, gets a couple of MGs like on the tank that only fire in the front arc of the vehicle.

    2. Gunner. Controls a turret with a pipsqueak version of the tank's main gun (faster round, less damage, smaller splash area)

    3. Passengers. These are like manta passengers, they're really just standing "on top" of the floor of the cargo bed. I'm guessing you could get two or three guys in there. The great thing though, is that they wouldn't fall out easily and could use their hand weapons... they could spam flak or mini or spidermines as the truck drives by. That way, the truck is 1/2 personnel carrier and 1/2 useful attack vehicle.

    And of course, it would be really funny. You could give it big knobby offroad tires, chrome rollbars and KC lights . Redneck heaven...

    Trailer would rock.

    In fact, there's a hotrod & pickup trailer tutorial on UDN! If I wasn't swamped with vehicle coding already, I'd go for it.