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    ONS/CTF/* --> DM converter

    The problem: there is a serious shortage of large DM maps. By 'large' I mean suitable for 10 vs 10 or higher TDM.

    Potential solution: a mut that converts ONS, CTF & other map types to DM. Basically the * --> CTF mut in reverse. In CTF you'd have to get rid of the flags, and in ONS deactivate cores and nodes. Keep the turrets and vehicles, unlocked. And, the most important bit, all of this would have to be done without messing up bot support. This would be a mut specifically for bot players (aka 'the silent majority' ).

    So, does something like this already exist, and if not, could it be made?

    Sounds so obvious I thought someone MUST have done it, but I couldn't find it

    I'd want this mut for sure--and for the same reason: so many large "DM maps" are just waiting to be unlocked! Whether open maps (ONS) for sniping (or for vehicles), or twisted maze-like CTF maps, good when you tire of Tempest.

    I like the idea of having DM (and TDM) maps with vehicles you can jump into! The CarLauncher just isn't the same as having them in the map. And I have the VDM mod, but the maps are limited.

    A couple things:

    1. I'd want it to convert ALL gametypes to DM (or maybe have a checkbox to exclude non-default gametypes like UnWheel). I know it wouldn't work "well" for all maps, but I'd like the option to play with. Jailbreak and Dom maps for instance could be just as fun as CTF maps.

    2. It would be nice to have a toggle for vehicles or no vehicles (in ONS, AS, VCTF) in case what you really want is long-range sniping.

    3. I WOULD want it for multiplayer, not just for bots.

    4. It could apply to DM variants too--like Invasion, LMS, and Mutant. Why not?

    5. Vehicles turrets (and spawn points) should be team-associated in TDM. So it would be like a war, one half of the map vs. the other, even without nodes to take. Half the nodes would belong to one team, half to the other (check the map for reference), and if there's a middle node, then the vehicles there would be available to anyone. (As would abandoned vehicles. Can't lose carjacking!)

    6. I'd suggest that if you choose to leave vehicles in, then node-teleporters should also be working, to help you get to a vehicle--at least, on your own "side of the map."

    Team DM with Leviathans and Goliaths just pounding each other sounds slightly crazy I like it though.

    Some will say that this will discourage people from trying non-DM gametypes, but I disagree: maybe if they learn their way around some new CTF and other maps, they'll be inspired to try them as they were meant to be played too.

    Anyway, map convertors are a fun idea in general. Whether they're perfect or not, it's dozens of free maps in an instant. What's not to love? I'd like to see a "master convertor one day that would convert FROM anything TO several common types... DM, BR, DOM, cDOM and DM/variants at least. (You could even convert maps to JB the same way you convert to CTF--if you accepted that the jail would be imaginary, and no arena fights. Just wait where you die until you are freed. Hmmm... sounds like it needs a thread...)


      Yes, good points. I was primarily thinking of ONS and (v)CTF because those tend to be the largest maps, but of course the more the merrier. Vehicle toggle, definitely...node jumping, yep... I'd make team-related turrets etc. optional, another toggle.

      Btw, a map that's good enough for bots is almost by definition good enough for multiplayer matches, so no need to worry about that really.

      And yeah, this idea is so obvious and logical that it's pretty amazing that it hasn't been done yet, or at least proposed here (afaik, anyway).