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    Madhouse - What do you think?

    My finace had this idea for a game. Anyone would be free to grab this idea and make it. Think American McGee's Alice while you read.

    Arena: Large house, locked at start of game. Build MC Escher style, with intertwining staircases, many rooms, and hallways varying in width and length. Flat surfaces are rare, most floors, walls, and ceilings are warped in some way, from slightly curved to heavily heaved/damaged/broken.

    Number of players: 3-35. Recommended: 20

    # of players - 2 Large mallets
    3 speed boosts per player
    3 extra speed boosts in a pack
    1 Marker
    1 communicator per person
    Random weapons

    Goal: last one standing.


    Players gather at starting area. Each given three speed boosts. Marker is assigned randomly to one person. Others are given a 30-second head start, after which the Marker’s clock starts. This person becomes the “catcher”.

    Movement throughout the house is three-dimensional and adjusted for the players’ individual views. Scaling walls and ceilings are just the same as walking on the floors. Laws of gravity does not apply to players.


    Marker must be passed off to another person within a set amount of minutes after clock starts. If not passed by that time, Marker electrocutes the player and he/she is eliminated. Marker then sends a signal to each communicator, indicating how that it has been dropped. If no one comes to pick it up before another block of time has passed, the Marker explodes and destroys the house and no winner is found.


    Two weapon racks are places in random locations within the house when the game begins. Each time someone takes a weapon, the rack changes to location. And empty rack will has a 20% chance of appearing in a random location carrying 1-3 extra speed boosts. The weapon used are large, anime-style wooden mallets, which is carried in the communicator’s inventory when unused. The number is two less than the number of players. One person without a weapon is the catcher. Another person, most like the last person to find a weapon rack, will not have weapons but will be able to take one of the packs of speed boosts.

    Speed boosts give a ten-second boost of speed. No one can be caught when using speed boosts unless another player uses one at the exact same moment, which is near impossible. Speed boosts can only be used once and cannot be stolen from other players.

    Mallets are used in combat or defense. It can also be used to destroy parts of the environment, such as smashing down walls to get through to another area, breaking obstacles, or just plain destruction for destruction’s sake. If overused against hard objects, however, the mallet will break. A broken mallet will be sent back to a rack to be repaired, and thus may fall into the hands of another player if the player who lost it does not find it in time. Engaging in combat or defense will not break a mallet.

    If a player without a mallet charges (using a speed boost) into another who was holding a mallet at the time, the mallet can be stolen. This can be usually be done by running into the one of two players engaging in combat.

    The communicator shows a number of things.
    1) player’s health
    2) how far a Marker is from the player if it’s been dropped
    3) allows communication with another player in the same room
    4) an estimated number of players remaining (accurate 75% of the time)

    The “catcher”:
    The “catcher” wears the Marker, which appears on their shoulder. Their job is to catch another player off guard and plant the marker on them. They have a set amount of time to do this. The “catcher” has advantages and disadvantages. They are the only player who is able to move through solid objects and they do not lose health points if hit with a mallet. However, they cannot hold a weapon. When one becomes a “catcher”, their mallet is temporarily disabled and cannot be used. Also, they are limited to using 1 speed boost while been the “catcher”.

    A “catcher” can die from two ways: running out of time, or been hit three times consecutively on the shoulder bearing the Marker, which would set it off. The person who kills a “catcher”, however, is automatically assigned the Marker.

    Other players:
    The goal of the other players is to run, hide, and hope that everyone else is eventually taken out by the Marker. They can use speed boosts to escape the “catcher” if they spot them in time (assuming the “catcher” did not pop out of a wall behind them). They can engage in combat, explore the environment, and take refuge in Safe Rooms.

    Combat in the game is difficult in nature. The main point of combat, instead of being killing each other, is to gain health. If a hit takes 10 points from a player, the attacker gains a random percentage of those points, ranging from 25%-75%, so they gain 2.5-7.5 health points. The chance of gaining 150% from the health is constant at the chance of 1/original number of players.

    Combat is conducted with mallets or basic fist fights although mallets are more effective. One can flee from combat. Players can be taken out in combat if their health is extremely low, but the main point of combat is to regain health.

    Safe Room:
    There are a designated number of Safe Rooms in the house. It is set before the game upon the agreement of players. The number varies from 2 to 7. Safe Rooms are the only places where a player can stay to regain health without fighting and to communicate with other players. Every time a Safe Room is used, one of the other Safe Rooms will change location. A player can stay in a Safe Room for a set amount of minutes. If two players are in the room at the same time, they can communicate.

    A Safe Room is different from other rooms in two ways
    1) the laws of gravity apply, but not always to the same surface
    2) A “catcher” cannot pass through the walls of the Safe Room, from the outside or inside

    If a “catcher” enters a Safe Room, the Marker’s clock stops until he leaves.

    Game Modes:
    Regular--last person standing is let out of the house.
    Timed--when time runs out, the player with highest health wins
    Sudden Death--with each eliminated player, certain areas of the house is sealed off, making the arena smaller and forcing the players to face each other.
    Team--players are allowed to form teams and there can be a winning team instead of a single winner

    Players set:
    Marker time limit
    Safe Room #
    Safe Room time limit
    Amount of damage done by mallets
    Occurrence % of random weapons/events
    Chance of Shuffling
    # of players allowed in a team*

    *if teach play is allowed, players can team up with those they meet in a Safe Room. If a team member makes the mistake of hitting a teammate twice, they are kicked out from the team. A player’s team member status is suspended if they become a catcher, and is reinstated when the Marker is passed on.

    Random weapons/events:
    Crossbow--does half the damage of a mallet but has long range and is fairly accurate. If a person carrying it is hit with a mallet, the bow is dropped and appears at a random location.
    Sword--does heavy damage but does not recover health. Useful for those who plan to win by taking out others. If a person carrying it is hit with a mallet, the sword is dropped and appears at a random location.
    Communicator upgrade--indicates relative location of nearby players. Only works for ten minutes before disappearing to another location.

    Power outage: all lights go off for 3 minutes.
    Stalking furniture: a piece of furniture follows a player as if pulled by a magnet. Must run away from it until it still following. If not, the furniture smashes into the player and causes damage.
    Black hole: appears randomly and teleports a player to another part of the house. Has 5% chance of teleporting player outside, where he/she is thrown off the roof and killed. Takes a few seconds to appear fully, so can be avoided if seen.
    Ghost players: more than one player seem to be walking through walks without a Marker. They are not real players, only fake copies of other players. They cannot do harm but can cause confusion.
    Shuffling: every so often, the Marker disappears from one player and appears on another.

    I can't ****ing believe YOU typed all that! Nice idea though. But might take about... 1-2 years to complete. You know.. Map-making, Coding, Meshes, Textures... Pain in the *****


      I smell ownage


        Ownage? Where?


          Pfft. Too much reading.

          I'll take their word and reply...

          OWNAGE!!!!! HAHAA LOLOLLlLOlololol


            I dont get it... is it something I said?


              She's going to be glad someone replied.

              Yes, this is quite an ambitious design.

              For a bit of reference, we were playing American McGee's Alice and reading Battle Royale at the same time, which is a great read especially for those of us with developed gaming skills. Then, we saw a day-by-day calendar with MC Escher art. Then the whole idea came together.

              And monkey, if she knew you didn't want to read it because it was just too long, she would smite you.

              Obviously, Unreal might need some tweaking for gravity to work like this, or warps that make the map look like a tetris puzzle.