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The "Kitchen Assault" Project

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    The "Kitchen Assault" Project

    Ok so i've just had a good idea for a map which i'd like to share with you before i start making it. I've spend a while drawaing up concepts and coming up with a sort of base storyline.


    The was a severe accident at the UBC (Unreal Breakfast Cereal) factory, and their most popular cereal the "Generic corn cereal hoops" have become contaminated by radiated industrial chemical waste. This has had side effects of binding together the plastic toy soldiers with the DNA of the corn cereal, bringing the little free plastic unreal toys soldiers to life.

    One unsuspecting family bought their weekly stock of Unreal Breakfast Cereal and opened the packs for breakfast one morning unleashing the Red animated Unreal toy soldiers, their mission to CREATE BREAKFAST! (oh noes)

    Luckly to stop them, another packet was opened which contained the blue Unreal toy soldiers, who have vowed to stop the evil red toy soldiers from creating breakfast.


    The level is set as large scale, where you're the size of a small plastic toy from some breakfast cereal, you have to assault across the kitchen surfaces completing the breakfast related objectives as you go untill breakfast is complete!


    Objective might include (but not set yet)
    • Pour the milk to make the cereal.
    • Fill the sink with water to cross.
    • Turn on the Microwave to heat the beans.
    • Turn on the kettle to make the coffee.
    • Turn on the toasted sandwich maker to cook the cheese toastys.
    • Destory the all the evil "brand X" cereal.

    This is all really rough at the moment i've only really got through the initial sketches, so what do you guys think? I think its nice to step away from the norm and make something more cartoony and colourfull based in an area we can all recognise and relate to, it should be a great novelty map. But I still want to keep the gameplay serious enough to make it a good assault map.

    Also while I can make meshes for this level (in 3dsmax6) i can't skin them so if anyone thinks they can give me a hand with creating UVW's and skins for the custom meshes then please contact me, details on my website (hosting still down, should be up tonight/tomorrow)

    great idea, and good luck:up:


      :haha: Funny.

      Kickass idea, man.:up:


        nice, i like cereal so i will deffinently play this. you should work on this and not trials. they got alittle old


          This idea of yours would definitely make for a nice Assault map!


            lol great idea that would be fun. Oh I have a question you know your site well is there a place to download your complete work?


              if i were a better mapper, i would definitly help you, good luck on finding a good mapper


                My websites hosts some of my work which its possible to download without needing anything else. Some of my maps for Hackerz like the cinema map need a whole load of Hackerz mod textures and static meshes which you'd also need the mod for, hence no point in me hosting

                I've got hosted my templeoftrials maps, and also recently my lobbeh map, and a few other things, check their relevent sections for downloads.

                If theres any linking problems please let me know and i'll re-link any to new sources.

                Im not looking for another mapper, im really looking for a skinner who can skin meshes and maybe create a few textures. Im kinda busy atm anyways i have several things all going at once and im not spending much time doing any of them atm. This will have to wait for a bit.


                  It would be **** funny to see Tony the Tiger vs. Toucan Sam, although those are copyrighted trademarks. Maybe some parodies of them.


                    Hey, how could I have missed this thread?!

                    Princess_Frosty, have you seen my "SinkPack 2004"?

                    pre-release discussion | Full Release discussion

                    You might notice in both threads I'm already working on an Assault board that's almost exactly the same as you're describing. Right now I've got two objectives that I'm working on, but the layout of the board is nearly done. My objective list was going to go something like this:
                    [list=1][*]Gather batteries to power up a toy vehicle. I'm working mostly on this step ATM. Difficulties mentioned below.[*]Fill the sink to allow passage across. I've got this step mostly done. I've got an objective that turns on the water, fills the sink, and raises the boats & mantas floating on the surface to a reachable level. Very cool. Some minor bugs still.[*]blast open a Cheerios box to rain down cereal on a target. This might be difficult to accomplish with working netcode. Haven't started here.[*]Destroy cereal box "X" . This would be a simple destroy objective. Haven't started on it, though.[*]etc.[/list=1]

                    I hadn't written a greatly cohesive storyline but it went something more along the lines of "you're part of a team trying to infiltrate some ubergeek/scientist's house where he's keeping some stolen research. However, the only way past his security defenses is to use newly-aquired miniaturization technology and go in ant-sized." Like I said, it's not incredibly cohesive!

                    ANYway, you and I should certainly talk. It sounds like you could use some of the work I've done with kitchen elements of all sorts. And if you're any good at Assault mapping, I'd love to pick your brain. I'm currently trying to figure out how to subclass the EnergyCore pickups so I can change the look of it -- Angel_Mapper gave me pretty clear step-by-step instructions on how to do it, but I'll be danged if I can't get it to work.