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    OMG bots will take over the world! Imagine Gorge as the dictator of the world...or Xan...or something.

    I always thought that bots were native code.

    Say, if you were to implement all that AI stuff, wouldn't it lag your computer to hell?? Especially when you got 14 or so bots running around, all using their fuzzy brains.

    Maybe a bot that jumps from game to game, like Quake II I hear, and 'learn' by watching players. Then imitating the players' exact positioning, etc.

    Then everyone would want to be on the team with the most bots.

    Originally posted by toniglandyl
    to make bots REALLY godlike, you would need to rearrange the botpaths and everything, so they have multipple possibilities, so that's the mapper/coder's thing
    Botpaths == mapper's job. AI == coder's job.

    And really, all the mapper can do is set the generic paths and maybe some special paths. Making every single possibility is really silly and quite near pointless, since although the bots follow the paths, they don't need ridiculous layers-upon-layers of paths. They simply need a generic line through each corridor, etc.

    Bots use traces to detect walldodge-able walls, and walls to either side, and jumping, etc. Traces are vectors I think are sent out from the bot.


      Originally posted by T-Shinzon
      OMG bots will take over the world! Imagine Gorge as the dictator of the world...
      Gorge W. Bush...


        Yeah, he is kind of like a UT2k4 bot....

        Predictable, and doesn't time power-ups.


        Anyways, I would agree if the whole project would simply be unfeasible - a game with more than a few bots would lag ^^ Pretty sure at least...


          You talking about online lag?

          I think the point of these bots is to practice with them offline, in instant action ... that's what I'd use them for.

          But would having these bots just slow your fps to a crawl? IMHO I don't think it would that much. Besides, it worked for quake 2 didn't it?


            No, not online lag.

            Doing fuzzy logic and artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems, and genetic algorithms etc. tends to take up just a *teensy* bit of CPU.

            Quake II bots didn't have all the stuff that guy mentioned.


              Or how about programmable bots where players can program on how they aim??


                Eh, bots don't need aim help at all. They can shoot perfectly fine as-is.

                What you really want is a programmable bot for behavior in different gametypes, with all manner of tactics, timing powerups, sneaking at you from behind, plain randomness, etc. The university level stuff is unneccessary right now IMO.


                  Originally posted by T-Shinzon
                  They can shoot perfectly fine as-is.


                  Ever spectated a botmatch from first person?