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Camping handicap suggestion.

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    Camping handicap suggestion.

    I'm a big fan of Instagib CTF. And there's a major problem I've been noticing that goes something like this:

    1. The game starts, doesn't matter whether the teams are balanced or not.
    2. One team gets a 1-2 lead in flag caps.
    3. Most of the players on the leading team cram into their base and camp the flag.
    4. The other team, needing to get flag captures continues to attack and gets instantly killed the moment they set foot in the opponents' base by a monstrous crossfire.
    5. Everybody on the losing team assumes someone else will stay back and guard the flag, so usually only 1 or 2 people end up guarding it.
    6. A small group on the leading team gets into the losing team's base and gets the flag. Some of the campers may rush out to escort them at the halfway point.
    7. If the small group on the leading team is successful, then the gap between the teams widens.

    Needless to say this problem is magnified to a horrific level on maps with narrow corridors. Now I know camping is a strategy, and nobody can really change that. But the scenario I described seems to happen a lot and unlike other strategies, it's not in the least bit hard to do seeing as most playerstarts are in the base. So what I am suggesting is a mutator that handicaps campers (and maybe spawn killers). Here's the basic idea.

    -If you are staying close to the flag for an extended period of time, then you start to get a delay on when you can respawn (Like the reinforcements thing in assault, so that you don't respawn immediately.)
    -The more kills you get while staying close to the flag, the longer the delay gets.
    -The more time you spend near the flag, the longer the delay gets.
    -If you leave the base, the spawn delay starts to lower. It lowers faster depending on how much time you spend outside the base and how many people you kill.
    -If you participate In a flag capture, your delay lowers (If possible, it would be great if this depended on how far you carried the flag towards your base).

    And my suggestions on spawn killing:

    -If you kill more than one person very shortly after they spawn without moving a noteable distance, your delay goes up.
    -The time increment in between when you kill them matters (If you kill them in rapid succession, your delay will go up more than it would if you killed them 13 seconds apart)
    -If you spawn kill the same person twice, your delay goes up more than it would if it were two different people.

    I think that's it. I know quite a bit of this is probably not possible, but it felt good to write. It won't get rid of camping entirely, but it will make it require more skill and force people to leave the base once in a while. Comments/questions/suggestions to make it better?