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Apprehension requires experienced coder

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    Apprehension requires experienced coder

    Apprehension, which is an ambitious rts/fps mod with an emphasis on teamplay, could use an experienced Uscript programmer.

    I've served as the mod leader/ programmer since the mod's inception about a year and a half ago, but as of January 5th I'm starting a 'real' job at Raven Software, and per the non-compete clause in my contract, I won't be able to work on the mod anymore.

    We have a very talented crew of artists (and 1 other programmer and 2 inactive ones) currently plugging away on the mod, but we could really use someone to fill in the gaps after I leave.
    In particular, someone with experience in one of the following areas would be especially useful:
    • vehicles, and other misc. physics.
    • weapons (this is a real challenge, since the weapons are very configurable)
    • bot AI
    • gui/menus

    All submissions will be considered, but none of us really have the time to train someone in Unreal script, so please respond only if you really feel that you're qualified.

    You can see our website at moddb here: (the main website is under construction this week -- again)

    If you're interested, please email me at or leave a private message on our moddb site.


    I just PM'd you at your mod site. I don't know if it alerts you when you get a PM over there, but at any rate, I did it!

    Hey btw, thats a pretty cool site. Lots of mod info.