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    ONS Comeback mutator

    Have anyone ever considered making a mutator that allows for more realistic comebacks in Onslaught?

    I was thinking, how about having the core output a certain amount of energy, this energy is used for additional shield/health/hitpoints/whateveryawannacallit for nodes. So if you have one node (That last comeback one) it will have an additional say, 100% more health. If you have 2 nodes, they will share the core's energy and each have 50% more, etc. You get the idea.
    It could be shown as an additional blue bar under the node health bar so that you can easily see just how much more it has.

    As for tweaking/options, here's some different stuff you could do:

    -Obviously adjusting the overall additional health

    -The additional health does or does not take additional time to build

    -Different formulas for how the additional health is distributed, maybe 1 node will get 100%, but split over 2 nodes they will just get 25% each.

    -Have a "treshold" for how many nodes you can have before the additional health is removed completely (So that if you have X or more, you get no bonus)

    -Have the additional health periodically switch on and off, as if the core has to recharge to maintain it or something.

    I would write this myself as I'm interested in trying it out, alas I have no experience in scripting or programming and I'm too lazy.. I mean busy.. to learn it

    I think the energysharing bit would be kick***. I got tired of ONS, and realized I am a CTF/vCTF/DM junkie, but that would be cool to have and might get me more interested in it again.