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    Mutator Makers..

    Is there a forum or a website that has mutator makers? I dont have the time or smarts to make them on my own, but need one whipped up. I know people have the smarts, the time and enjoy making mutators in their spare time. I could also make a donation to them for it if needed. Nothing real fancy, just things like:

    Swap the link gun for a shield or supershield in all game modes except Onslaught.

    Disable the Shock Rifle Combo (all gametypes)

    Control over weapon ammo, how much a weapon has when you pick it up, and how much ammo packs have, and how much max ammo the weapon can carry.

    Remove smoke from Sniper Rifle scope after firing it.

    Remove falling damage.

    I know there are some mutators out there that will do some of these things (Weaponstuff etc) The problem is I run a dedicated linux server that is located in another state, which I connect to it thru putty. Some of these other mutators (like Weaponstuff) don't have a menu in WebAdmin to set up the mutator, so I cant get these other mutators I've found to work. They all seem to be written with Windows Servers in mind. Ive tried configuring the mutator on my own windows pc, then uploading the files to the linux server, but they don't seem to want to work that way.
    I use the Akimbo mutator in some gametypes and it works well. It has a menu in WebAdmin so I can configure it, to choose options and such. That is the thing I need, to be configurable in WebAdmin.

    Is anyone up to the task of making a mutator with the things mentioned above that I can set up with a menu thru webadmin? Preferrably a non-arena mutator, since the Akimbo mutator is arena, and it looks like you can only run 1 arena mutator at once.

    Thanks for your help,