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    Strife: A Source TC

    Looking for 2 experienced coders for Strife, or if you are extremely talented in another area you may apply.

    Strife is an online first person shooter that demands a small amount of dedication from the player, because of its complexity. The game elements themselves are simple to understand, but becoming a veteran is intended to be challenging. Features like skiing (a form of gliding on terrain) require practice, and make for fast paced gameplay. With the jetpack you can soar around the environments in a new dimension, adding new challenges and depth to the FPS genre. The arsenal in Strife consists mostly of splash based weaponry that requires you to lead your target. Vehicles such as the bomber are intended to add fun and strength to your team, but are not required to become the victor.

    Strife has some similarities to other retail games, but what makes it different is the fact that it’s a mod, which allows us a lot more freedom. We don’t have to conform or be conventional to suit the general public. I have new ideas and new content that should make for some original gameplay.

    Source is the perfect engine for this modification because of it numerous capabilities, capabilities such as vast terrain system, special effects, and a robust vehicle system.

    I realise this is a Unreal forum, and Yes the modification is using the Half-Life 2 Engine.

    If you are interested in the Tribes or Halo franchise then you may enjoy working on this mod, as it has a few similarities of each. You can contact me at by email or AIM: poisonspider35 or MSN:

    Just a point you may not know and may want to know...
    There is already an FPS game called Strife. Dont know if your infringing on any sort of copyright there or not.