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Recruiting Final Compiler for ADvanced sentinel mod! btw its code is almost done .

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    Recruiting Final Compiler for ADvanced sentinel mod! btw its code is almost done .

    this is the screens from the current addons note this mod will require origional woe mod set The avd sent mod is Modifyed so this will not cause conflicts with the origional sentinel

    also if some one can Help me Code a force field wall deployer
    it would help to speed up the release im kinda trying to make a shield pole that when not damaged projects a beam or emitter between any near by neighbor poles this emitter has a collision to block players ect monsters won't attack the shield poles unless there is no way to reach its target if the shield is completely drained the connected poles lose 15% health each time it reaches zero shield and won't reactivate for 10 seconds allowing attackers though the barrier
    when shield is not under fire it continues to recharge slow and the number of connected poles determines shield strength 4poles 800 shield 2 poles 400 shield 1 pole 0 shield since it needs a partner to be active

    Working sents That have been finished in the mod so far

    seems cool, but cant really tell from the screenshots, there all blurry. what are you running it at?


      im running on a older nvidia card

      im due for a upgrade soon heh oh i also found code that matches what i want to make A force field wall generator turns out most of the Unreal 2 game code for field generator is same as code for ut2k4 but there are some problems with 2 file formats that are diffrent between the 2 games.

      the only problem is changeing the code so its fully compatiable and replaceing the emitter force field particle emitter I don't think particles support collision, and models for ut2k4.

      also im not planing on Taking credit since this is only a expansion mod for woe.

      Also i have made a model for the shield beacons they are animated to extend up like a pole.

      im some times on aim: vapt0r

      btw: thats not a o in vapt0r its a zero

      also in case your wondering i emailed mr. evil asked him if he wanted to be the final compiler and release the mod , he still hasn't