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['80s] Models, Skins, and Sound-pack Recommendations

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    ['80s] Models, Skins, and Sound-pack Recommendations

    Big time ‘80s movie fan here and would really like to see more representation of the years of yore within the Unreal community.

    I am not a modeler or avid skinner, which I why I’m reaching out to those that are proficient in this field of modifications and giving a few suggestions to spur out the online community.

    Eddie Murphy clips from his most memorable movies: Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, the Golden Child, etc. Eddie is notorious for having some of the best one-liners in buddy-cop films. It would be nice to incorporate some of his catchier phrases and bring ‘em onboard.

    An Alien and Aliens sound-pack. This request should be self-explanatory.

    The Highlander – “Their can be only one.” Again, this should come as another self-explanatory case.

    A tough-guy series. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and a few others included in one sound-pack.

    Models and Skins:
    (From Marvel universe) Cable, Onslaught, Maverick, Bishop, the Punisher, etc.
    (From movies and cartoons) Dark Vader, Voltron, the Centurions (,, various G.I. Joes characters, the Thundercat (perhaps), Danger Mouse (Come ‘em now, if you were born during the early part of the ‘80s, you’d know Danger Mouse would be a fantastic addition to the Unreal cosmos; Web link, Inspector Gadget, M.A.S.K. (one of the few cartoons in the 1980s with awesome vehicles), Silverhawks (, and finally, the Transformers.

    Modelers, skinners, and sound-pack creators, if you’re looking to expand your horizons or just happen to be short on ideas, please review this list and give the numerous suggestions a thought over.



    “I deserve a Unreal Tournament model, dammit."

    Hey isnt that cobra? from gi joe or something?