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Unreal tournament reborn

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    Unreal tournament reborn

    Ive had a idea that there might be a mod that would bring back stuff lost in the beta's/alpha's/concepts,like

    AR:look at the oldest UT2003 screens at gamespot,youll see a M4'ish concept for the AR
    Avril:Slick red looking in one of the UT2004 screens
    RL:A yellow line instead of red
    LGidnt have the blue thingy at the end
    Link gunarker projectiles,cool trails after getting shot
    Translocator:completely different look,or atleast i think thats what it is

    these are just some of them,and there are alot more

    screens of how its was:
    Link gun:

    Dunno what this is,but it looks cool:
    Somekind of kewl weapon:

    Those weapons look incredible! Someone,do it!


      The weapon on the last shot is the Shock Rifle in Unreal Championship.

      -Trans looks much better on that shot.
      -Yellow would look better, different.
      -LG .. Hmm, no opinion.
      -Link Gun (I find Pulse Gun much better btw) looks ****ty on that pic IMO.
      -Wow, cool AR. :up: (maybe a little bit to realistic)


        Wow,they gave the console the stuff that didnt qualify for the PC:up:

        i didnt wanna point out the looks of the LG,but the particle effects,the trails

        and theese aint all the screens,i could also point out one of the best character concepts ever,and i forgot where the red avril is for example

        im thinking that a mod might bring back the stuff that was dumped out,becouse game creators often dump great stuff(possibly becouse of time constraint or to make it easier on the newbies/more mainstream)


          just found something out,the SR once shot arcing colored lighting,as said here

          There is no adrenaline,or atleast was,there was bioenergy

          GS: Tell us about the new special moves in the game.

          PE: The special moves are really an extension of dodging from the original Unreal Tournament. Dodging became synonymous with Unreal Tournament when it was first introduced; it is hard to imagine playing the game without it anymore. So what we are doing in Unreal Tournament 2 is to add more of those movement choices as you fight in a level to make the game more dynamic. Some of the more advanced special moves depend on bioenergy that you gather from opponents you've killed in the game. By collecting their bioenergy, you can save up for these special moves.

          there were health stations,rechargin health,not instantly boosting it ala packs

          We have also implemented the concept of recharging stations that recharge your health, ammo, or shield. Now, this doesn't mean that every time you pick up ammo, health, or shield that you have to stand still. This is because each recharging station has an initial holographic icon floating on top of it, which has a charge of, say, 25 percent. It takes time for that to reappear again after you've zipped over it and picked it up (just like a regular pickup). But if you are greedy, you can stay on the station for a full refill. This causes the station to get drained, and it takes time for it to fully recharge; you can't camp on top of it. All of this still gives you the opportunity to control certain areas of the map if you want to, since there are still physical stations that are very important to your arsenal, health, and shield.


            Re: Unreal tournament reborn

            Originally posted by TKATk


            very cool


            I'm pretty sure that's from the America's Army mod



            Dunno what this is,but it looks cool:

            That looks like an early manta concpt.
            well good luck anyway, i'm happy with the normal weapions


              that translocator model is in UTk4, look in: StaticMesh'WeaponStaticMesh.TranslocatorNEW' and there it is. i have a map with a t/l pickup in it, and i changed the static mesh to this, but i cant figure out how to make the player actually hold this one, it shows the regular utk4 t/l when u pick it up.


                I sincerely hope that someone makes these.


                  I've been looking at the last screenshot pages on Gamespot.
                  I don't know, but... why did they get rid of those models and concepts (those concepts are "unreal"). Actualy I can recall some of this "old" stuff to be seen in envy :bulb:
                  They made some bad choices on 2003 after I looked at this, sorry.

                  BTW I saw these in a SM package once:


                    Re: Re: Unreal tournament reborn

                    Originally posted by VenomZER0
                    well good luck anyway, i'm happy with the normal weapions