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    Idea for a bot mod

    Back in the early days of bot development, there was a bot for Quake2 called the CRBOT. There was one very interesting thing about this bot which I have not seen since. If a bot was fired on by a teammate, the bot fired back. Once the bot received a few shots from a teammate (it would take 2 or 3 shots) the bot would basically place that teammate of their kill list for the remainder of the match. In other words, the bot would go after the other team plus that player. You had to play the remainder of the match keeping an eye out for this teammate as well as the other team. This really added an additional dimension to the game.
    You could make the sensitivity selectable ie; Go after the player with 1 hit, 2 hits, etc.
    I know this would be a great addition to UT2004.
    Any takers???

    I remember this bot , cool idea.
    There was also a Cujo Bot (yes it was a dog ) for Q1 that would acompany a player and attack enemies for you but if you shot it to many times it'd come after you.