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Relic Collector-Collect Them All to Win (Maybe)

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    Relic Collector-Collect Them All to Win (Maybe)

    I have seen several incarnations of "Relics". But none of them have a winning condition of collecting all of them.

    Two possible conditions may be:

    When you collect all of the Relics, you win (or score a point).

    OR when you collect all the Relics, you give off a bright light and can bind the players you defeat (they start losing health at a rate of 1 hp per second (to dissuade campers) and can't respawn when they die). You can still die, but with the compunded effect of holding the relics of Speed, Healing, Deathsave, Attack, Defense, Vampirism, and Adrenaline, you will be one tough cookie...but defeatable.

    Kinda like Mutant but with relics?

    Wait no...

    How does the Mutant gametype work again, exactly? I haven't played it in ages...