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ReBoot Models, Mod(?) and Final Episode

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    ReBoot Models, Mod(?) and Final Episode

    First, let me set the stage from two angles.

    ReBoot ended after a 8-episode season 4. It ended in a cliff hanger situation with the virus, Megabyte, taking over the central office of the computer system, Mainframe. Those fans of this CG cult classic want to see this series concluded.

    Cepheid Variable, the fantasy, horror, sci-fi committee on the campus of Texas A&M University, holds a film festival called Schlockfest.

    Many members of Cepheid want to see ReBoot brought to a close.

    On this note, I would like to find:

    ReBoot character models:
    • Fit Guardian (skinned for Bob and other similar Guardian Designs
    • Feminine Guardian (skinned for Dot, and other female characters)
    • Mouse
    • Little Enzo
    • Muscular Guardian (skinned for Guardian Matrix, Guardian Turbo, and other guardian designs)
    • Frisket
    • Phong
    • Binomes (three cube and spherical models)
    • and of course Virus Megabyte

    Vehicles related to the story:
    • Hover Disks
    • Websurfer Hover Surfboards
    • Police Cruisers
    • Andrea's Motorcycle
    • Riding Web Creatures
    • Viral Attack Carriers

    And a story for the conclusion of the series.

    The final result will be a final concluding episode and will be rendered in the Unreal Engine, and entered in Schlockfest.

    If any one has contributions to this project, they would be very welcome.

    This could also be the basis for a ReBoot modification. If I gather the materials, any one would be free to use them to create a mod, but I am only interested in the film.

    ya somone do it reboot models would be cool


      Add Hexadecimal to the list. her face should change according to the amount of health or weapon so an evil grin would be high health or a powerful weapon and armor a happy face should be medium hea;th or weapon powe,r sad should be low health or the Assault rifle.


        i remember that show, i watched it every chance i got.
        Reboot! *whoosh* lol
        Id love to see that world again. Oddly enough i only remember MegaBytes nickname MegaBreath and when the main character got trapped outside the firewall. ANywho, love it.


          whoa.... that post... brings back a lot of childhood memories =O well erm... memories. >_>


          I think it would be a nice idea to, afterwards, convert it into a mod as well. Could play the games and battle against the user like the beginning of the show U_U

          before Enzo became all... weird... and burly and stuff.... and that was just weird.

          And then there was a young one at the end... and I was like "wtf"