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Killing Floor Mod.

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    Killing Floor Mod.

    if you haven't heard of the Killing Floor mod, now's your chance to land some knowing.

    KF has been in active development for close to a half-year now with a very small team of individuals working towards creating a zombie / horror themed shooter that can be played either against AI bots in singleplayer, or in teams of opposing zombies and survivors in Multiplay.

    As lead artist, i have been doing the majority of the work thus far, and as I am not the greatest Unrealscript coder, I am still HOPING that someone who is talented in coding can step up and join the team to make this mod truly as great as the visuals are starting to get.

    Anyway, check out the website for more info

    and here's some screens and art from the mod (it can be found on the site too, or at places like

    looks awesome... almost doom 3ish in quality on some of those maps, at first glance, anyway...


      So this is what, the third zombie mod?

      I guess you can never have too many zombies.

      great look.


        So three zombie mods are in Development for UT2004 (only two MP ), and suddenly its a cliche?

        Lol, thank god we don't mention the subject of "tactical counter-terroriism and real-world simulation" as a basis for mods

        Because it seems like every 12 year old and his mother is set on modding a similar theme.

        All i hear when i see another of these mods is " Mommy guess what I want to be when i grow up! "


          What are you, manic depressive or something? I simply mention the fact that there are two others and you interpret it as an attack on your originality or what? Go buy yourself a bag of skittles, something with sugar. Sugar = happiness.


            Killer screens. :up:

            Sounds like fun. Make sure the gameplay is tweaked enough so its not just another fragfest.


              Those are the best looking mod-map screens I have ever seen.


                yeah there real good looking, it hit me at first of resi3 somehow, i think its the brown look and the white car lol.

                does indeed look awsome right now. i'm not a coder so i cant realy help :<



                  Looooking good

                  And take care on that Jaw Operation!


                    Nice Mod

                    This mod looks like its gonna be freakin sweet. Hopfully you will support it and try to get decent player base so it does not die 3 days after release like most mods. Btw mod seems kind of like 28 days later (great zombie movie 10x better than that resident evil garbage)



                      Can you give us a rough estimate of when this mod will be released. If not a release date atleast a percentage of how complete it is. I mean according to your site it has been in development for around 7 months. Just wish someone would release a freakin zombie mod already. I mean there are like 5 of them and not one release come on.


                        These things take time.

                        We've been around for about half a year.

                        Keep in mind that in that time i've been mostly the only person working on it.

                        Imaginge yourself in my shoes trying to make an engaging multiplayer mod all by yourself?

                        Yep, takes time.

                        Be patient. Unreal tech isn't the kind of graphics engine that gets old or "looks ugly" ... ****, look at Deus Ex from like 1999 or 2000 that game is mega- old using the ancient unreal tech and still is pretty pasable and very fun.

                        All things going well you should have a beta release candidate on or just before new years' .,... No promises of course, but that's how things are lookking.