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    Linked Link Gun

    I play ONS the most. I'm kinda tired of seeing arguments and just general confusion of ppl linking up to heal/build a power node (or vehicle) or just going alone separately as 2 separate (or more) streams.

    Is there any "mathematical" (for lack of a better term) formula that details the output of linked guns at different levels of linking? Because I'll be honest, 2 ppl linked up doesn't seem to do much more than 2 separate beams, but I could be wrong. I guess I'm just trying to understand the ratio.

    For example, what I'm looking for is something like:
    Each Beam solo: 50pts/sec (or whatever the behind the scenes number is, doesn't really matter)
    Linked x2: 110 (?)
    Linked x3: 180

    While I'm on it, the natural way to link up is in a chain, ie:
    3 --> 2 --> 1 --> Node

    Sometimes, I've seen both 3 and 2 link up with 1, instead of 3 linking to 2. What happens in this situations in terms of output power?


    Ooops, I have no idea how this landed in this category, reposting in General Discussion.