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A better vehicle invasion.

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    A better vehicle invasion.

    I really enjoy playing invasion, its a nice casual pick-up-and-play gametype, but its really uneventful and the next match is about the same as the previous.

    I thought vehicle invasion would be interesting but found out it was sorta redundant since half the monsters are melee, and we all know what happens when you touch a vehicle in motion.

    It would be interesting to see a "proper" vehicle invasion gametype. To have really large boss-like creatures at the end of each wave with insane amounts of hp (I'm thinking like a Titan (or even better, custom made monsters) with 20000 hp or something).
    And monsters that are a threat at long range. On outdoor maps all the ranged monsters just sit at 2km away trying to shoot you with slow projectiles that don't even reach that far.

    How about an invasion mode that was built on onslaught? Every wave would attack a random node that you had to protect. I'm thinking about 80% of the monsters should attack the players while the rest goes for the node. If a player dies, all monsters that were attacking him would go for the node.

    All in all I just think invasion is a nice player vs cpu coop thing, but really thin in content and replayability. The biggest problem with vehicle invasion is that the players have all the long range stuff and they dont, 50 skaarj at 1km away is no match for 1 goliath. It might be fun to see how it would work with just cranking up the amount of monsters spawned to such an insane amount that moving outside the base with even a goliath would be suicide.

    Meh I'm just brainstorming :x