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    Ditch the suit, but keep the pants part - it looks very cool. Also, avoid the white lines that are visible in the picture when remaking the model.


      I changed my mind as for the little eris thing. That was something the friend the skin is based on suggested but right now we're not on speaking terms anymore so I'm jus gonna go with what I was doing as for the sapphire skin.

      I'll work on the legs a little more then get a shot for ya'll.


        not on speaking terms o_O

        that's too bad...

        ah well; I still think the suit should stay and you should just transition into the pants part a bit better >_>

        everything else is definitely good though.

        I'm actually beginning to think this may be one of the first reskins of a standard model that I not only will actually download, but might actually USE a bit =D


          I did some testing and she's going to look much better with the suit on.

          This is NOT finished but to give you all an idea of how its going, here: