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My opinion of the ultimate arena weapon.

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    My opinion of the ultimate arena weapon.

    I would like to make a weapon that is semi automatic depending on the mode you have it in and has a no minimum fire rate or maximum fire rate.

    When you click the left mouse button the gun starts the charging process and when you release the left mouse button the weapon fires.
    The charging of primary fire increases by 20 damage every second held.
    So a quick click of the mouse will fire one projectile that takes 20 damage. and when you hold the mouse for 4 seconds the projectile will take 100 damage. this is the maximum the gun can charge to.

    The right mouse button generates a sheild so you can protect yourself. The sheild works just like the sheild gun secondary fire.

    The ammo is the regenerating sort and the sheild is also.

    You start with 100 ammo and the gun regenerates ammo at a rate of 10 per second.

    The sheild starts at 100 and regenerates at 20 per second.

    The middle mouse wheel is the scope. wheel forward to zoom in, wheel backwards to zoom out.

    Do you like my idea?

    Sure I like it, reminds me of "my" Enhanced Pulse Rifle. Looks like we both basically want a scoped Dispersion Pistol / Shield Gun hybrid. Either version would be a great arena weapon, IMO.


      I just wanted something like the turret on the back of the hellbender to run around with, however with a higher ROF.

      So basically it would have instagib capabilitys if held long enough and the map has no sheilds, etc.
      I think the maximum of charge should be maybe 100 or 250?

      Oh yeah also if someone does charge it fully, you just shove on the sheild and it bounces like the other energy weapons of the game

      Which one 100 or 250?


        250. Hell maximum charge is somewhat irrelevant anyway. If they have that much time to charge the **** thing, then I think they have a right to see what they hit get gibbed violently. Chances are they'd be sniping if they did, so they'd have to be a good shot. Sure would promote the need for cover and to keep moving.

        [Edit] Just make the shot very noticeable, you mentioned like the hellbender turret. That's good, someone gets smoked, their teammates are going to know where it came from. Less sniper camping that way. Or an all out sniper war, who knows? Both could be fun.


          Two words: SPLASH RADIUS


            would u be able to use the sheild and charge at the same time, cause, cause, cause that's cheating!:cry:



              Nope because that would be kinda silly IMO, lol

              I would wwant to make it visible definatly

              How long should the charge take to get it up to 250?