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CYLONS: models, ships, voice packs, weapons...

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    CYLONS: models, ships, voice packs, weapons...

    Wouldn't it be kick-*** to have the (classic) Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion robot models with their weapons (rifle, pistol & sword) and a Raider? Imagine going up against 10-15 of these suckaz in team-based matches, would be pretty authentic. You could have the regular and gold (commander) versions (2 for the price of one, really) and maybe Lucifer and Number 6 as well. Of course the Centurions' red scanner eye should be animated, and they should make that cool sound when you get close to them.

    Cylon Commander + hot neoCylon chick Number 6

    Cylon Centurion

    ...and another one

    Centurions with Imperious Leader

    Lucifer, the gay Cylon

    -Voice packs could be made using original footage and/or a VOCODER. With the latter you could add all the default UT taunts, but also some rude, weird & funny sh*t.

    Pistol & Rifle

    -Weapons could shoot some kind of white-blue-ish fast flying energy projectiles at medium ROF. Alt could be charge-up/fire a slower but more powerful projectile, and/or the rifle could have a close-range stabbing function (it has a fixed bayonet). Of course hit effects should include plenty of sparks & smoke like in the series, and the characteristic firing sound. The sword could have 4 or so mouse-button operated stabbing/slashing moves, including decapitation.

    -The Cylon Raider, finally, is your basic space fighter with 2 fairly powerful pulsed laser cannons. Nothing too fancy but jolly good fun nonetheless.

    Cylon Raider

    ...and a Viper, for good measure

    Yah this would be a great mod i suggested something like it a while back and i would be cool


      Well, the more BG threads the merrier... Trash-talkin' Cylons would be so much cooler than UT's default robots (though I kinda like the fat Xan).


        NEW Cylon model?

        I was about to post asking for a NEW Cylon model and I found this thread.

        A model of the NEW Cylons would be my own first wish. Image references here.

        (And see this Cylon video.)

        A pack of old AND new Cylons would be cooler still (After all, the new series DOES show the old Cylons briefly... they're "early models.")

        Vehicles would be neat as well of course--how cool would an Assault map be with Raiders attacking the Galactica? Especially if the humans had BOTH old and new Vipers on hand, plus Raptors (BG Raptors, not UT)--like on the new series. Just make sure the Base Ship shoots Redeemers with the big smoke trails and you've got the scene down And depending whether the attackers won or the clock ran out, the Galactica would either blow up or make the FTL jump.

        (Having been a fan of the old series, I was skeptical of the whole some-cylons-look-like-humans thing. But I'm sold now! It's turned into a really cool idea on one of the best sci-fi shows ever made--up there with Firefly... another UT2kX project that never made it )


          Re: NEW Cylon model?

          you should use the new cylon raiders


            i loved battlestar galactaca, i wont be the only one who watched the last series episode going


            i was like

            but yeh a mod on that would be cool.. you got the honor thing, which battlestar galactica is all about. it be great to get that essense in a game (thats next gen gaming)