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UTComp Custom Weapon/Vehicle stats, submit yours!

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    UTComp Custom Weapon/Vehicle stats, submit yours!

    UTComp 1.4 will unclude custom weapon stats(for damage and hits).

    If you wish for your custom weapon/Vehicle to be included with the actual name of your weapon/Vehicle in UTComp's stats, please post the following:

    1) The Name Of Weapon: Please try and keep it under 10 characters
    2) Up to 4 DamageTypes for your weapon/vehicle.
    3) A download link for your weapon/vehicle.

    As an example, had you coded the manta....

    Name = Manta

    DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeHoverBikePancake'
    DamageType 2 = class'DamTypeHoverbikeHeadShot'
    DamageType 3 = class'DamTypeHoverBikePlasma'

    Link = In UT2K4 source

    Ahh man, am I too late?

    At my last count 30+ servers were running some version of this InstaGib Mutator with UTComp. All versions have the same rifle name and damage types so it should go smooth.


    DamageType 1 = class'XxxXESRInstaGib'
    DamageType 2 = class'XxxXESRHeadshot'



    DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeXxxXTeleFrag'

    The clans that use these mutators are highly competitive in the LG/IG scene ( ) I know alot of ppl will greatly appreciate this. Before global stats dumped this Instagib mutator was ranked #4 in most frags from any weapon.


      Man I get serisouly bummed not having UTComp Stats with this weapon pack. Think you could work something out?

      hmm any chance you could add the scope from my lightning gun to the new crosshair factory?

      XxxX Trans
      DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeXxxXTeleFrag'

      XxxX Bio
      DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeXxxXBodyGoo'
      DamageType 2 = class'DamTypeXxxXHeadGoo'

      XxxX Shock
      DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeXxxXShockBeam'
      DamageType 2 = class'DamTypeXxxXShockBall'
      DamageType 3 = class'DamTypeXxxXShockCombo'

      XxxX Link
      DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeXxxXLinkPlasma'
      DamageType 2 = class'DamTypeXxxXLinkShaft'

      XxxX Mini
      DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeXxxXMinigunBullet'
      DamageType 2 = class'DamTypeXxxXMinigunAlt'

      XxxX Flak
      DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeXxxXFlakChunk'
      DamageType 2 = class'DamTypeXxxXFlakShell'

      XxxX Rocket
      DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeXxxXRocket'
      DamageType 2 = class'DamTypeXxxXRocketHoming'

      XxxX LG
      DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeXxxXLightningBodyShot
      DamageType 2 = class'DamTypeXxxXLightningHeadShot'


        Sigh, you replied like 1 day after i released =( lol

        Anyways, i'll pop them in next release.

        As far as xhairs go, I won't be adding any textures to the crosshair factory that aren't basic shapes.


          i would like to see this version of zark riffle to be included i'm not a creator but they use this rifle on PG and fraggednation ladders

          name is as in the name of file

          there are only 2 damage types

          since its too long it could be shorten to PGZark and PGZarkHeadshot


            Just Downloaded 1.4b, wasn't sure if you meant 1.4b or 1.5.

            If their's ever a need for 1.4c, could you squeeze these in?

            DamageType 1 = class'XxxXESRInstaGib'
            DamageType 2 = class'XxxXESRHeadshot'

            DamageType 1 = class'DamTypeXxxXTeleFrag'

            Forget about the weaponspack, not enough ppl use it.
            If you go here

            You'll see the XxxXESR (aka Xx SuperShock xX) is #3 in Frags for all of unreal. Almost every server that runs it uses UTComp.


              Sorry about that -- honestly just slipped my mind when fixing some stuff in 1.4b. I wrote it down now so I won't forget next time.