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    Bomber Man

    I was talking to some friends today and we thought it would be funny if someone made a bomber man mod for ut 2k4

    Yea, that would rock!
    And, the giant fish boss from bomberman 64 ^_^.


      hell yeah megabomberman was the best one with the animals I loved the green fast one

      if someone can make this I will upload it to the moment it's complete

      (thread subscribed)


        would u want it to be overhead style or behind view or what, i think both ahve their strong points,


          why not both?


            You could do both, but with the overhead playing style, you'll
            have a complete overview, and a more tactical playstyle.

            With behind view, the total sight is gone, and it's 'guessing' who'll
            be where. The all famous, o my god what'll happen next style of play.

            When the player is able to switch between views in
            game, it wont add much to the gameplay.

            So when doing both, the viewstyle will have to be set before the
            game starts, and not in game. This'll result in 2 different styles ....
            . Mmm, you've brought me on an idea....

            Something else, I'm currently working on a bomberman mod.
            The idea came not from this forum, but from some mildy idotic friends
            of mine. They've an old version of bomberman, Atomic bomberman
            (Interplay, 1995 +/-), and I've a new version of UT (2k4 :P ).

            Some time back, I also tried to make a bomberman mod, but got
            stuck on movement issues. Now its taken out of the freezer and
            put back in action. My version will have the top down view (for now)
            and the movement will be keyboard only.

            More info coming up ... ... ... someday ... ... ...


              im all in favor!


                The view is done, kinda. Your viewing the player from the top,
                just like the Alien Assault mod, and it keeps the player in the
                middle of the screen.
                I'll do movement next. Finetuning of it all will be done in the end.

                Keeping you informed