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++JOB OFFER++ All Diciplines. WH40K involved

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    ++JOB OFFER++ All Diciplines. WH40K involved

    Are you a: Coder, Mapper, Modeller, Animator,Texturer, UVW Mapper?

    Do you want to work on a total conversion mod, full or part time?

    You you have a knowledge, large or smal, of the Warhammer 40k universe?

    If you answered 'yes!' to these questons, your work could soon be featuring in the Warhammer 40,000 mod.

    There is plenty of work avalible!! with over 100+ guns, 100+ vehicles and 100+ player modells STILL to work on, we have only BEGUN to scratch the surface...
    Jump on the band wagon ASAP and take part in what is sure to be the most collosal and ambitious mod for UT2004 yet!

    Newbies and Veterans alike accepted! the friendly team will guide you when stuck and offer advice on everything from reducing polycounts to correcting animations.

    For Information, or to Sign Up go to or Click Here!

    ...Gretchin need not apply ...