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"Req" Self propelled Biogel Howitzer

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    "Req" Self propelled Biogel Howitzer

    The Self propelled Biogel Howitzer is a treaded veichle with a gunner seat and driver seat, with roughly 1000 hitpoints, its main gun is a massive 280mm smothbore cannon, primary rapidly fires goop roughly the size of a shock combo, the goop splatters around and sticks to walls the ground and celings, if it comes into contact with other goop or players/veichles it explodes, secondary fire you can charge up the cannon (similar to the biorifle) and when fully charged (takes several seconds) it lobs out a massive goop blob thats splatters over a massive area when it contacts with the ground slightly smaller radius than a demer explosion, its range would be pretty limited so the driver has to watch ot that he dosent drive into the goop...

    Secondary weapon would be a tyridium shard cannon, primary would fire rapidly tyridium shards, this would be most effective against lighter veichles and secondary would fire a small spread of tyridium shards like a shotgun and would be better against infantry (Stinger from Unreal1 on Steroids)...

    So the Self propelled Biogel Howitzer would have
    1000 hitpoints
    Driver seat (controls Tyridium shard cannon)
    Gunner seat (controls 280mm Biogel cannon)