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    Client side Zounds

    I noticed that players love zounds, hell I love zounds. I bet there is a way to make a mod so that each player can create their own zounds.

    I was playing a game tonite and a guy was like DJ'ing through the games microphone capabilities and it came to me. The game plays that audio on demand pretty much, there must be a way to record something and make a file that will work like zounds but from the client side so everyone will have their own zounds through the same process of the instant audio from a mic. Other players will hear the audio files you make for your personal zounds too. It would eliminate having to have to send the zounds package. And the customization would probably be huge in the public game world.

    sry for n00bing, but:
    what is zounds?



      zounds are used by servers to play a sound file that is activated by typing in activation phrase with the speak command.

      say eatmyshorts --- for example would play the sound of bart simpson saying eat my shorts or

      say astalavista --- would be the voice of arnold saying asta lavista baby

      Zounds are used by tons of servers.