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either i've seen too many car chases, or...

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    either i've seen too many car chases, or...

    anyone ever play Interstate 82? it had a documented feature that you could snipe at someone through the windshield... i never pulled it off, but the idea stands...

    i just thought of this... someone could make a car with a Hellbender-like first seat mode, and a sniper second seat, which is restricted to the right side of the car

    in other words

    that sorta thing...

    as well, there could be a simular one for a back seat, pointing back...

    and the point of this? to snipe at people through the windshield...

    cool idea? terrible? any ideas?

    The Hellbender 3rd seat already allows sniping (very powerful sniping at that) so I just don't see the point :\


      really? i never knew X_x

      still, my idea is more of a sniper rifle out the passenger seat kinda thing... low height level, so is more accurate...


        Yeah, it's not sniping per se but ti does have a zoom feature and is pinpoint-accurate so it's pretty close.

        As for the accuracy it all depends on the movement of the vehicle, in most ONS games you get some idiot who'll get in the Hellbender and just drive around randomly while you're trying to snipe with the turret - doesn't work too well.


          ooh, i HATE playing gunner when the driver doesn't know what he's doing...

          but yeah, what i meant was that the Hellbender turret is above the hellbender, so isn't at driver height of most vehicles... this would be slightly below driver height


            What does that entail, though? If it was at driver height what woul the benefits or gameplay changes be?


              better use against enclosed vehicles... particularly ones that aren't as high as the Hellbender...

              not many of those officially, but there's quite a few in terms of fanmades...


                You can just aim the turret down, though.