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    Mods I would like to see

    Maybe I'm just sentimental, but does anyone here remember the Marathon Trilogy by Bungie (this would be before they sold themselves to the devil ((i.e. Microsux)))? Man, those games rocked. I wish someone would make some Marathon skins and bring back the dual W(a)ST(e) ('e)M Combat Shotguns for UT2k4.

    Also, I think it would be neat if someone could make a 'stick' translocator which would, instead of bouncing, adhere to the first surface it touches without falling to the ground.

    I would try these mods myself, but being a Mac user I didnt get the developer tools when I bought UT2k4. What do the rest of you think?

    Well I can't name anything for ut2004, but if you do searches for Marathon Ressurection and Marathon Rampancy you'll find that one is a total conversion for UT and the other remakes quite a few of the weapons and models, also for UT. I seem to remember enjoying the Rampancy weps on UT maps.

    The translocator idea sounds cool and probably isn't too hard, who knows.