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Team Fortress 2K4?!

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    Team Fortress 2K4?!

    UT series is the only FPS game I have really got into after the fall of QW Team Fortress, it occurred to me today that what made TF so great was its arcade style, which is why I also love UT... I think that UT2K4 is absolutely the BEST platform to move the Team Fortress legacy on to, as it seems from all news that TF2 is going to be all "realistic", thus totally missing the fun of the original.

    The game was fun because instead of everyone having all weapons and being a jack-of-all-trades (and using only the rocket launcher) not everyone had all weapons and you need different classes to be a good team. There were rocket jumps and pipe bomb jumps, gren jumps and lots more funness!

    UT2K4 has some excellent features that I could see making it great for TF... vehicles, gun turrets, different player models, outside map terrain. Not only was the TF game great, the maps were also unique... each one very playable. Actually one map, something to do with deathball or something is VERY similar to bombing run.

    All the "realistic" effects they are adding into the new versions of TF are making the fast paced action dissapear. Most of the new realistic games promote camping or hiding rather than all out duels with all guns blazing.

    Sigh... I miss the good old TF days where I sat up til 4am every night playing.



      Thanks, im downloading it as we speak, I didnt think to look for unreal fortress 2003, as I have ut2004. It seems these guys follow my vision, good on em!

      (Edit) Oh was just a movie, but anyway, looks good. They have followed the original concept even down to the nails... hrm


        Actually, it is called Unreal Fortress Evolution, even if the site reads "Unreal Fortress 2003"

        No release date yet

        Their site is buggy on Firefox 0.8