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    I haven't seen any mods for first-person swashbuckling, which I think would be really popular. I saw they were working on a Musketeers mod, but that's third-person, and I can't tell how detailed the swordfighting will be. Perhaps the Musketeers could eventually become like what I'm imagining. Or is there another mod out there working on this?

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of attention given to melee fighting in general (which I guess is mostly due to the "First-Person Shooter" genre rather than the "First-Person Melee"). I realize there would be a lot of character animation work required, but doesn't it seem like this would be a great way to distinguish a mod from all of those others?

    The end-result could be used for your typical fencing sword fights (3 Musketeers), or pirate battles, or Robin Hood, and perhaps eventually could go back to medieval battles (tournaments, etc.). My point being that a little work on getting the melee really detailed could be used by a lot of mods.

    I've been thinking about this for several years now, have all kinds of ideas (e.g., a particular control method, wounds - maybe similar to Action?) - I think it would make for spectacular game play. Anybody out there already working on this?

    Yeah, there are several mods (I think) out there that make a big deal of melee combat, although I can't recall the names offhand - try searching 'melee' or something.

    I don't think there are any that focus entirely on swordplay, though.


      I saw ChaosUT2, and that may be pretty close to what I'm thinking (don't know about first person, though).

      But really, what I was thinking is a truly detailed first-person perspective of a swordfight (similar to fencing), or staves, or clubs, or what have you.

      That's the basic idea, whatever the actual controls would be. I've got this long list of similar ideas, been thinking about this for a couple of years now, just waiting for a game like this to be developed, but haven't seen it yet.


        think about it, if you were able to move your mouse around the screen, how would you turn ?? with arrow keys??? ? I really think you should think more about what it is that you're actually requesting ^^


          Ya, i want a full fledged sword fighting system. I just think that ut04 doesn't have the capacity. Chaos is as close as we are going to get i think. BUT be sure to check out Unreal Championship 2. They have implemented a melee system that IMO will finally deliver the shooter/melee hybridization we are looking for.


            1. Muskateers (sp?) Mod is swordfighting (I think).
            2. There was a Samurai mod that moved the sword with the mouse and still turned round as well.


              Re: Kaw-G

              If you use the mouse for the sword, then you can use the number keypad for moving your feet with your left hand, and when you push the mouse to the edge of the screen you can turn your head/body left and right, or up and down. It would work, it's just not how you're used to it.

              Re: edgeofblade

              I'll definitely check out Unreal Championship. It would be great to finally incorporate some melee that matters, other than just when you end up too close to someone or run out of ammo. Ideally, I'd like to see some games with almost no range weapons, or where those are few and far between, to allow melee to actually be useful.

              Re: Pyrotechnic

              1. Musketeers does have swordfighting, but it's only third-person POV, so I don't think it could be very detailed (though I haven't played it). What I'd really like though, is something where you don't just push a couple of buttons to execute a preprogrammed sequence, but where your hand-eye coordination actually matters for melee - where you have to aim as well, rather than just turning the correct way and then hitting the button for "slash" or the sequence for "double-slash up and lunge".

              2. I'd be very curious about the Samurai mod, I'll look around and see if I can find it.


                oh man, i was hoping someone would request this! I sooooooooo wanna go around hacking up my enemies! Plus it would make a welcome change from just using the Shield Gun for close combat.


                  You guys both need to check out ChaosUT2, it's not first-person but you do control the melee weapons with the mouse to a limited degree. You can move the character around which, in turn, controls the arc the weapon travels, so you can parry, block and even get headshots. There's three stances (light fast attack, medium, heavy slow attack) and alt-fire allows you to defend. Your strokes will also be different depending on how you're moving, and which way. If your opponent's weapon gets in the way of your swing, you'll be blocked.

                  All in all it's a fairly detailed melee system, and probably the closest you'll get to what you described.