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DA - Double Assault

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    DA - Double Assault

    Think of assault and then think about how you play as an attacker and then a defender.

    Then think of capture the flag and onslaught, when you attack and defend at the same time.

    Now merge these two together and this would be double assault .

    So basically the first team to get through objectives is the winner.

    What do you think?

    It'd make the race maps less spammy, that's for sure.


      would be nice, but i only think it would be used for race maps and skill maps, which is great =)

      EDIT: you should be able to configure if you were able to shoot and the enemies and stuff like that...


        I wish could code right now!

        I'm learning though!


          I'm having this kind of assault in my Panther Patrol mod, I think it's more realistic to give both teams objectives.



            So do i

            Also. I think that i would play this most often because: I like the team games. Capture the flag is repetitive after a while with the same task and so is onslaught. Assault (the current one) takes it in turns and is not that realistic due to this fact.

            Double assault would not be very repetitive because of the different tasks being set and is more realistic and requires more team work because so have to be on offense while others need to be on defense.

            This would be awsome IMHO!


              Anyone planning on takeing this up?


                This would be great for trials and race maps and assault maps. Someone make it NOW... please.


                  Yes. Someone. Please do.

                  I wish i could code right about now .

                  Also. Not asking too much but if someone does make this, please could i have a little credit for the idea . I could also convert some maps to DA