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    Originally posted by BassGsSpDeluxe
    and what else would be cool...oh yeah, a make your own level/map function
    Are you serious? :weird:


      Originally posted by Ein Stein
      I won't register at Unreal Playground. I'm too good for registration. Wah wah wah. Give me better mirrors. Why didn't Epic make the editor easier for me to use? This is ghey software. I need to get an education. I don't need to post screenshots because my map is awsome and it'll ruin the shock and awe when you play it.
      ROFLMAO! Best. Signature. Ever!

      That is all.


        1.An assault rifle that is not a pushover weapon
        2.BF1942 like battles (IE: player controlled capital ships/spawnpoints
        3.Better music (not all of have kazaa)

        That's about it.


          You know what would be interesting... A random map generator for Onslaught. SOF2 (Quake3 engine) can generate random outdoor maps, and the bots can navigate them.

          Of course, it would degrade the quality of whatever gametype you're generating outdoor maps for.


            MORE MESSINESS


              Oh, I know:

              REMOVE THE ACURSED DOUBLE-JUMP AND RESTORE THE FULL UT99 MOVEMENT!!1 I'm tired of playing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tournament.

              Also, all the remakes of old levels (Morpheus3, Hyperblast2) have to be so much bigger because of the ridiculous movement speed. The game really suffers from this.

              UT2003/4 *should* be called "Huge Levels, Speedy Midgets".

              And, increase the player size...

              My last desire is, "Make the weapons do less damage" so that fights don't end as soon as they start, or, thanks to the movement speed, fights won't simply be won by the most chaotic player after first performing a ballet throughout the air, dancing and swirling in circles, just trying to hit the other player. No double-jump + Less damage and slower movement = better, more thoughtful combat... as was more so in UT99, and is predominant in Halo.


                I would like see UT taken back to oldage kinda?

                Old weapons basedo n story line the worlds were destored and all wepaons are hand made.

                Bows,Swords ex.


                  Originally posted by lunatix

                  3.Better music
                  Whawadya mean? The music becomes better and better for every UT!

                  IMO dammit