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    Elimination game type

    I used to play a gametype called Elimination in UT2003 but so far it hasn't been converted for UT2004. You can download Elimination for UT2003 but it doesn't work for UT2004.

    What is Elimination?

    "This mod is a new gametype based on deathmatch. It`s basically limited lives deathmatch with a customized scoreboard and HUD appropriate for the gametype. The score in the HUD shows Rank, Spread, and Lives Remaining. The HUD also shows the current top 3 players in the game."

    It is so much better than Last Man Standing in my opinion and I would love to have it back for UT2004. I have e-mailed the author asking him if he will update it but had no response so far (maybe the e-mail addy I have for him is no longer valid?)

    So I'm asking if there's anyone here who either knows the author and can contact him or can update the gametype themselves?

    The author is called Q and the mods he released are listed as follows:
    UT2003 Files:

    - Elimination (1.2)
    - Elimination 2k3
    - Elimination TE

    If anyone wants to try these out and maybe get them working for UT2004 here's the download link:


    Anyone able to help??


      One final bump, hoping someone responds



        thats called last man standing now


          Originally posted by Maxim98
          thats called last man standing now
          No its not actually, it came out for UT2003 and is way better than LMS imo. I'm hoping the author of the mod reads this and updates it for 2k4.


            i havnt played UT2k3 and from the way u said it it sounded like it was defualt gametype


              Oh well, guess the author doesn't visit this site.

              :bulb: :sulk:


                I might try remaking it for UT2004 sometime.

                I'm not the original author, but...


                  I am almost done porting all of my Elimination gametypes (Elimination, Team Elimination, and Elimination Tournament Edition) to 2k4. I will be releasing them sometime over the weekend .