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[ FireBlade ] - Vehicle [UPDATE - IN-GAME ALPHA - 2 new screens]

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    S-W-E-E-T !!!
    gIMME....gIMME....gIMME....gIMME....gIMME....gIMME ....


      Originally posted by DukeMaster
      gIMME....gIMME....gIMME....gIMME....gIMME....gIMME ....
      ...your mod before midnight
      Won’t somebody help me chase these raptors away


        [ 8/5/2004 Update ]

        Things are moving along. Since I'm currently on my own as far as coding, I've been taking apart different vehicles to learn how to do things like SetBoneRotation and such. UDN has been my friend for a bit.

        Thus far, I've got the FireBlade engines rotating depending on whether you're pressing forward or backwards. I also have the speedbrakes popping out when you hit reverse.

        I want to tweak the rotation so that the engines rotate to correspond with your forward velocity. In other words, the faster you go, the more horizontal they will be.


          good to hear wp i wish i new better code but i'm about as good as you

          i can make thing works very basiclly like


            Sounding cool, though are u able to see through the windsheild??



              WP: I have tried to pm you a couple of times.. box full.. come see me at DB Center sometime or let me know where and when you will be in IRC and I will try to meet up with you then..

              Got a couple of things i would like to speak to you about.. if you have time, let me know or just pm me through these forums..



                Nice vehicle, cant wait to see it in a match. If there are raptors in the mix, its iin the same boat as the Levy if its right on top the Levy is dead without support.

                Need help here---- Trying to make the raptor missles lock on to all other raptors for a DM raptor match cant get it to work no matter what i have tried with the script for the missle. Any ideas???


                  jinx - In the class ONSAttackCraftGun there's a line that reads:

                  	if ((V.bCanFly || V.IsA('ONSHoverCraft')) && V != Instigator && Instigator.GetTeamNum() != V.GetTeamNum())
                  The last part (" Instigator.GetTeamNum() != V.GetTeamNum())" ) seems to be checking if the instigator is the same team as the raptor pilot. Try removing that last part altogether and see what happens.


                    Very Cool keep up the good work


                      Wicked Thanks worked like a charm. Appreciate it.


                        Looking forward to a release for this vehicle.


                          Okeedokee - she's out in Beta now. Please direct your attention to the official Beta thread here:

                          --- DESCRIPTION ---
                          Ground forces beware - the FireHawk is a ground attack VTOL aircraft whose purpose is the violent death of enemy ground troops. Maneuverable and heavily armed, the FireHawk comes equipped with two side mounted heavy cannon and incendiary cluster bombs that can incinerate the most stubborn enemy filth.

                          I wanted to do something a little more challenging as far as animations go. Different parts of the aircraft - like the engines, speedbrakes, and landing gear - will react to the different stages of flight.