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[ FireBlade ] - Vehicle [UPDATE - IN-GAME ALPHA - 2 new screens]

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    [ FireBlade ] - Vehicle [UPDATE - IN-GAME ALPHA - 2 new screens]

    Okeedokee - she's out in Beta now. Please direct your attention to the official Beta thread here:

    --- DESCRIPTION ---
    Ground forces beware - the FireHawk is a ground attack VTOL aircraft whose purpose is the violent death of enemy ground troops. Maneuverable and heavily armed, the FireHawk comes equipped with two side mounted heavy cannon and incendiary cluster bombs that can incinerate the most stubborn enemy filth.

    I wanted to do something a little more challenging as far as animations go. Different parts of the aircraft - like the engines, speedbrakes, and landing gear - will react to the different stages of flight.


    Excellent stuff WP, I can give you some advice for weapons and their balancing.

    Dual Heavy Cannons(primary and secondary fire buttons):
    If projectile:
    -If high-explosive:
    ==Very fast moving rockets (Tripple the speed of the rocket launcher projectile speed) with the flak cannon secondary fire effect, except with a low rate of fire and 60 damage for the main explosion (normal damage for flak shards).
    +primary fire-each cannon fires one at a time at even intervals. (Twice the rate of the actual flak cannon secondary fire for each cannon).
    +secondary fire-both cannons fire at same time at twice the rate of the actual flak cannon secondary fire.

    -If low or non-explosive:
    ==The link turret primary fire as is.
    +primary fire-each cannon fires one at a time at even intervals.
    +secondary fire-both cannons fire at same time with half the rate of fire (same rate as link turret for both).

    If instant-hit:
    -If pinpoint accurate:
    ==The shock turret's fire (The turrets in ONS-Torlan and ONS-Frostbite) as is.
    +primary fire-each cannon fires one at a time at even intervals.
    +secondary fire-both cannons fire at same time with half the rate of fire (same rate as shock turret for both).

    If spread or minigun style:
    ==A shotgun using minigun secondary bullets with 12 bullets per shot, 14 damage per shot, slightly smaller spread in comparison with flak cannon, and same rate of fire as flak.
    +primary fire-each cannon fires one at a time at even intervals.
    +secondary fire-both cannons fire at same time with half the rate of fire (same rate as flak cannon for both).

    Incendiary cluster bombs(Shift or walk button):
    One large bomb whos power is equivalent to goliath shell is dropped and blossoms into 5 randomly directed flak shells that create large fires at the primary explosions of the shells and smaller fires that start from the flak shards (give the shards more wieght so they fall closer to the other fires). The major fires should do 30 damage if the player is in it, and following damage should be 10 per ever 2 seconds for 6 intervals. The minor fires should do 15 damage per second while touching the player and 5 per ever 2 seconds for 3 intervals.

    Also, my team is working on our viper speedboats which are based on raptor code (I assume this is as well) and we have finally succeeded in making them capable of dodging like players can (except w/o the arching up, just straight to the direction). If you'd like to give this that ability, PM one of my coders who are working on it.



      nice model WP i was wondering whats it gonna handle like
      a sluggish raptor
      a super charged raptor
      a normal raptor
      or some thing new

      i think you should go with one of the raptor ones cause bigcheese tryed making his own streeting for his apachie and every burned it and ignored the fact it was beta

      but what ever you chose i'm looking forward to it
      also is it going to be a gunship or a support craft

      be shore to check out my first set of Offical vehicles
      links in my sig (i call them offical cause everyone knows about them unlike some eliar rather embarresing rejects)


        Wow, Wicked Penguin, you never cease to amaze me with your work, first the Node Runner (which rocks), then the FlakRat (also rocks) and then the Gorilla (which rocks aswell) and now the Fire Hawk and the Dragon (which look like theyll really rock)

        also, judging by the Fire Hawks shape and enigine size, aid say itll handle like the Raptor, but be faster and maybe more manuverable.


          Nice :up: I too can see the GPolice resemblance, and I like GPolice What did you use for the concept pic? Looks the same style as the the one done for that 'small transport' (bio2000?)


            Moving engines is nice, but they maybe should be more vertical when landed ?


              Thanks for your comments everyone!

              LeoPawnz - Wow, lots of stuff to digest. As for the guns, I was thinking of making them instant-hit explosive shells. Not nearly a big a boom as, say, the Flak Mortar, but a noticeable impact. The guns would have a slow rate of fire (compared to the minigun) so accuracy is key. More of a pop-pop-pop-pop instead of a buzzsaw. You can't slack with the aiming.

              For the single fire/simultaneous fire, I'd rather use the shift key for the simultaneous fire. Most players are accustomed to having a separate weapon for primary or alternate fire, so I would use the bomb as the alt-fire.

              As for the incendiary bombs, you pretty much just described what I'm aiming for - a cluster bomb that releases smaller projectiles which burst into flame. The number of projectiles, their damage, and their size is still up in the air. This is something that would need to be played with during development, see what works best.

              In the interest of balance, I'd want the bomb to have a reload time (displayed by with a charging bar), because otherwise it would just be way too much. You could literally carpet bomb the entire map - and that's no fun on the receiving end.

              elwood1990 - It will be controlled just like the raptor. Whether it's faster, more maneuverable, etc. is still up for debate. With those two big engines, it's definitely going to be faster. Also - what's the difference between a "gunship" and a "support craft"? (I like your vehicles, BTW. The tank looks ace!)

              BassGsSpDeluxe - Thanks!

              Pyrotechnic - I drew it freehand in Alias Sketchbook. I've got a Wacom graphics tablet that I use for drawing and photoshop work.

              Zentak - the reason they don't go full vertical is that I'm trying to make this fit the size of the Raptor as much as possible, in terms of height/width/length. With the combination of the speed deflectors on the engines, plus the weapon and gear pods on the side, there simply isn't room to have them go full vertical. They would collide with the rest of the geometry.

              Obviously, I could just enlarge the wings, but that would make it too big width-wise for maps (particularly user maps like Tropic or Kakmo) where the Raptors spawn in confined spaces.


                I like, personaly i would make this slower (or if not slower with horible acceleration) and more heavily armored (600-700) than a raptor. and limit the angle of the main guns to a downwards arch. Thatway it could anihilate ground enemies with ease, but in an air fight (lets say somone made a wicked penguin map and incorperated both normal raptors and firehawks) the raptor would most likely win. (be dificult to hit the raptor and not be manuverable enouph to dodge raptor missles easily.

                Oh and much love on the fire bomb:up:


                  The main guns have a maximum upward reach of 15 degrees, so this is most definitely a ground attack craft. It's very vulnerable against enemy air/missile attacks, since it really doesn't have any guided anti-air weaponry.

                  However, its cannon could do some serious damage against a raptor if the pilot is skilled enough with aiming.

                  Don't know how balanced this would be, but it may be possible to do a "target lock" similar to the Avril, where the cannon "locks" on to the target nearest the aiming reticle. This would make it easier to track airborne targets.

                  Hmmm... not really sure on that. Besides, all the keys are already taken up.


                    OMG I was waiting for vehicles like this

                    does the arms move right/left and down/up or just down/up


                      Yeap - they move left and right as well. They can point straight down as well. They don't have as much a range of movement as, say, an Apache helicopter chin turret, but they move quite a bit.


                        Yeah like overflies. Fly over the enemy *tsakatsakatsaka*
                        Another overfly... Blablabla...


                          i mean't by support and gunship that:
                          support as in raptor needs help to pack a punch
                          where as a gunship is sort of a stand alone vehicle that goes in kill every thing and then leave for the ground sweepers and support craft to come in and finish any stragelers

                          (i'm sort of exagerating here just to make it clearer)
                          thanks for liking me vehicles
                          which tank is ace the tesla one or the hover one


                            I suggest that you change the vehicles name... Mr Evil has a car named FireHawk...


                              a CAR named FireHawk:weird: