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A few things i would love/like to see

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    A few things i would love/like to see

    1.) Laser Chaingun - anyone who has played the fallout games know what these are all about

    2.) Gladiator Balls (okay sounds wierd but let me explain) the Balls that hollowed out that players can run around in (watch american gladiators sometime)

    3.) Dia-Katana's and other melle weapons

    4.) class based CTF (basically a remix of TFC for half-life)

    5.) link gun vehicle.. nuff said

    more to come...

    i can do texturing no problem, just let me know what needs to be done, i want to see these mods come to life

    3 is in Chaos UT, which is here
    I've seen an instagib minigun, but i can't seem to find it.


      chaos really isn't a option for 56kers


        The insta-minigun is in the ROAR Assault mod for 2k3. This mutator might still work for 2k4, though.


          no i found it by it's self awhile ago a played around with it
          Instagib MiniGun (1.0)

          it's very hard to aim, and it works and it is 100% ok in ONS
          (meaning no node kills in one hit )

          unreal 4 ever has a pretty sweet Katana that is a hell of alot more uhhhhh... useable when getting shot at than the Chaos ones, and it gives you power-ups and shows up in the weps database

          but i can't find it on the forus here anymore, but it's out there :bulb:

          class based CTF hun?
          Spectral Tandem - Class Based CTF gametype


          a link vec... the idea is being tossed around here, but i see noone taking any REAL intrest
          link manta


            Hhahaha monkey ball for ut!!!!


              That Spectral Tandam sounds really cool, but I would still like to see a full TFC remake for UT with sentries, the new teleporter, and the Spy.


                yeha the spy class was the best of the best if you knew how to use it right