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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Voicepack

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    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Voicepack

    Half way through producing a Meat Wad pack and a separate Master Shake pack. Working from 166 samples I've digitised and cleaned myself

    In the UK here, came across this hilarious cartoon through WinampTV. These voice packs will be the next logical step seeing as on our little house LAN we needed some light relief while killing each other...

    What's the response gonna be like from the community here? Wasn't intending to release these publically, but once I got into the creation of the different taunts etc. I thought some people might want to kick *** as Meat Wad or nullify peoples' existence as Shake.

    Fry and Carl and the enemies didn't have enough clear lines, but their voices are in both packs in the "other" part of the voice menu.


    MEAT WAD VOICEPACK 2.96MB [40 taunts + many others]


    He told me there was a carnival in the freezer...there wasnt no carnival...IT WAS A **** FREEZER! - Meatwad.... :XD...where can I get this pack, or is it even avaialbe yet?


      Hooray. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is hilarious. A moonite model and voicepack would kick ***. Those moonites crack me up.


        I approve of this voice pack.


          Shuddap and eat your cheese sandwich -Fry This, the soundpack, sounds awesome!!!


            "He he, it is cool" - Meat Wad

            HA, with a sig like that Quicksilver I kinda guessed I'd get a response from you... **** funny episode.

            Well, MeatWad pack is almost finished, all the voices are done, in a .u file and .int and ready to go. I just need to change a few strings and abbr bits in Ued so that when Carl says "Awesome, awesome. FRIGGIN' AWESOME!" (guess the episode) the HUD doesn't say I'm on defense...

            I will hopefully post in the mods>Final releases today for that pack. Shake's pack shouldn't take too long.

            We've longed for the fight to the death between MeatWad and Shake and here is is, soon..... Who will you be, brainless killing machine protecting doctor dewy, or psycho milkshake establishing his insistence that he is teh leader??


              aqua teen???


                Beta release


                Give it a test would you lot? I think it all works fine. I can't make it any louder (unfortunately) unless I redo it from scratch. The transient sound volume is at max.

                Just want to make sure there aren't any silly mistakes before I finish Shake's voice and make these packs final



                  I know you're making a Master Shake and a Meatwad voice pack, but are you making a Frylock one?