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    Knuckles Model

    Ok, I waited enought, now, I would like to have the Knuckles model!!!! I saw Sonic in Progress, I saw Shadow in a map, I searched and searched, never found, now, I WANT it!

    ok, I'm really more like a perfectionist person, I want good quality work, a model that is reallly close to the model in those games:
    Sonic Adventure DX (PC version only!!!)
    Sonic Adventure 2
    Sonic Heroes
    and with good looking animations.

    This is more like a personal request, tell me here or in PM if you want, I would be really really happy.

    Thanks a lot to those that want to do it


    The one in sonic heroes was the best quality of anything sonic-based anyone has ever seen in a cinematic.
    If someone had something exactly like that, you WOULD have to probably give them $100.

    Good idea, though.



      theres a sonic pack in progress that contains knuckles...jsut hold your horses until its done...


        Are you sure? I haven't seen anything like that recently, only saw FizzyB that was working on Sonic, didn't see anything else since.



          FizzyB and others WERE workin gon a Sonic pack which was to contain a few sonic characters...but now Im not sure...havent beeen able to talk to him here lately...


            This would be interesting if somebody made some money off of making a Sonic character, I would think Sega would not be happy about it.


              I believe it would be illegal to sell a model for a game. Not only would SEGA be ******, Im pretty sure it violates the EULA for Unreal.


                Sega couldn't do TOO much i don't think (i'm no law student btw, but i know my way around a law book ok) unless of couse your making it for money (like in this thread), so if anyone where to make a sonic the worse they mit get is a warning or be asked to take it down, BUT putting it in the MSUC or getting paid to make it could upset them

                upset in the kinda' way that makes strange people come to your door and hand you papers with long strings of Complex, legal, and overall bad sounding words like

                "Litigation", "Proceedings", "Indictment", "Trial"

                and numbers with dollar sings in front of them in big red font like this




                better ask them before doing so, to make sure everything is all cool and all


                  Of course I though about the legal issues and so long, It's only to have attention of people! most of the people are more attracted to something when there is money

                  There, to avoid more problems, I edited my first post + thread name


                    wow! that's lowwer than posting your request in full releases...

                    FREE $$$ - HEY YOU!
                    HOT ACTION!!! - don't use noobish tatics to get people to read your posts
                    SINGLE & ALONE WOMEN ARE JUST WAITING FOR YOU!!! - because ppl get mad when they click on something and get another, like spam


                      Maybe I could add it to the char pak I'm working on.



                        If still interested see here.