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Teamsay 'incoming enemy' mut

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    Teamsay 'incoming enemy' mut

    ...I'll just say, i dunno how to go into this..:/

    Right now we message teamates with the following things: %h, %a, %l to give our health, armour, location, blah blah blah respectively.

    More often than not, the '%l' is used in ctf, ddom, br etc as an 'incoming from %l' message. This is all good and everything but it's only useful for when we encounter an incoming enemy when one actually meets them. When we see a distant incoming enemy it's most comman we use 'high', 'low', 'left', 'right' and etc.

    What i was thinking was, if it's possible to code a mut that will give the 'zone' one is aiming at at the instant the key is pressed e.g [some key]=teamsay incoming from %p (p for postion for example)
    Of course this is the only idea i could come up with to communicate a remote position.

    Tho i think it might be posible to give the postion of the last 'enemy=' variable...or something..i'm not a coder, i dunno!!!!!

    It would be so much easier and clearer and would remove the ambiguity when we use 'high and 'low' etc...

    Possible? yey? nay?

    put a console command to a key


      ..right yeah thx for your contribution but i don't think you understand what i'm trying to say.

      Anyone else?