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An idea for a "different" type of vehicle: Zoids

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    An idea for a "different" type of vehicle: Zoids

    I was sitting at home watchin TV one day, and BAM! it hit me, i should post an idea/request for someone to make Zoids for a vehicle.

    Some of you are probably saying: Hes crazy, making a zoid would mean making vehicles with legs. And that would be a beast of a challenge.

    Well, your 45% right. After a bit of wondering if my idea was crazy, i rememberer that there are several Zoids which dont use legs, take the Molga for example, it has wheels, and the Pteras, it flys kinda like a Raptor/spacefighter mixed. And then theres the zoids like the Genosaurer, Geno Breaker, and Berserk Fury, they can hover like a manta.

    I think it would be pretty cool if someone or even a group of people got together and made a Zoids vehicle pack, and maybe even a map designed for them.

    Cmon, who wouldnt want to see animal based mechanoids duke it outin UT2K4, i would love to see it, and better yet, be in it. And that there is my idea/vehicle request, i can post pics of possible zoids, and describe their movements, if anyones interested in making them.

    Also, if this works, it could be the next Hit vehicle pack, or even a TC Mod if it can go far enough.

    Zoids are cool, someone should do it! Vehicles with legs aren't a problem, I've made some myself, and if you take a gander at the coding forum you can see a video of a nice bipedal mech by CIpen.


      Someone on Polycount is working on a Zoids like vehicle.


        Im glad to see some people like my idea, and yeah, Zoids with legs can be done, but i mean, its the 4 legged or more zoids that would be somewhat of a challenge, but, Zoids like the Deathstinger would be relatively easy, just make it move like the goliath (but fast as the deathstinger is an amazingly fast zoid) and the legs moving could just be an animation.

        The weapons would really be asy since most Zoids have weapons like missile klaunchers and lasercannons, thered be no problem. But, as for Zoids that use the ChargeParticle beam, xomeone would either have to get creative or use the Levithans fire when its deeployed and mix it with the plasma ion tanks fire, that would even equal it in power.

        Mr.Evil, if you could do this (and if others help aswell) This could be the next big thing. also how is Weapons of Evil coming along?

        ok later im just gonna post a pic of a zoid, describe how it moves, and its weapons systems, (just as an example of how it would work if it was made)


          what the hell is a zoid?


            Ok, im sorry to have to do this but i guess i have no choice: Ahem...If you have no knowledge as to what a zoid is, i reccomend that you do not post in this thread untill you gain such knowledge, thank you.


              what the hell is a zoid?!
              wait before i make a 4000 line post and make you stop reading

              Mr. Evil you said
              Vehicles with legs aren't a problem, I've made some myself
              got any D/L's?

              -now back on topic-

              -oh and there are some pics below-

              In the first place, these anime works "Classic ZOIDS" and "ZOIDS Shinseiki /0" were made by the advertisement of the toy manufacturer "TOMY". "Classic ZOIDS" of the original appears in "COROCORO" the comic magazine (published by Shogakukan) from summer 1999. The official name is "Kiju Shinseiki ZOIDS (Battle Story of Bio-machine ZOIDS; Title in the US: ZOIDS Chaotic Century)", the author is Mr. Michiro Ueyama. (But this comic was finished suddenly in autumn 2001.)
              The stage of the comic and anime work "Classic ZOIDS" and "ZOIDS Shinseiki /0" is "PLANET Zi" in far from the Milky Way.
              In the far future, mankind built up civilization in this planet has the environment which is the same as the Earth. But, the dinosaur-typed machine ZOIDS which had excellent battle ability was living in this planet. The human being lived in this planet added remodeling to ZOID, because there was will which it fought against personally. Remodeled (Customized) ZOID was operated, and made a perfect creature weapon, and made active in the planet of the lever.
              "Irvine" and "Bit Cloud" of character with the charm which made various episodes, who operates ZOID. Such two people are treated in this site "ZOIDS TRIBUTE".

              The anime work "Classic ZOIDS" at the base of the original was on the air from September, 1999 in Japan and this show became the long run work of the all 67 episodes. The characteristics of this work are probably delicate CGs and an episodes with the unique characters and the depths. Series 1 (Chaotic Century) is the contents that hero "Bang FREIHEIT" looks for "ZOIDS EVE" with his company. (aired from September, 1999 until April, 2000) Series 2 (Guardian Force) is after series 1 of 2-4 years, the hero grew up are active. (aired from May, 2000 until December 2000)
              The anime work "ZOIDS Shinseiki /0 (ZOIDS New Century Slash Zero : Series 3)" was on the air from January, 2001 in Japan. The stage of this work is the setup of the world of "PLANET Zi" after 4000 years of the former "Classic ZOIDS, Series 1-2". The contents of these episodes which ZOIDS warriors of each team observe the rule, fight against rivals. These episodes' hero "Bit CLOUD" fights against rivals with his fellows. The characteristics of this work are probably unique characters and delicate CGs in the same way as the former work, too. A difference from the former work is probably that only a little became an interesting episode for the child. But, broadcasting was finished in a half year with being disappointed. (aired until June, 2001)
              After all, it wasn't sifted with either of the works as well from the viewpoint of rating. But, there are many fans, who absorbed in the work by not only ZOIDS but also character's design, expression, voice and behavior. They gaze at this work intently. To tell the truth, I was fascinated by character's charm, and I absorbed in this anime work.

              Of course the sequel of TV anime works "Classic ZOIDS" or "ZOIDS Shinseiki /0" hopes to appear.

              coped from here

              no i'm not a fan boy, i'm just a google monkey


                why not...

                Why not just change the scorpian to a legged vehicle,
                and add a head.
                could you remove limbs of the zoids, like legs?


                  [GEN]IronReaver: What fun would that be, and besides, the smallest Zoid (Saicurtis) is roughly twice the size of the scorpian, and the largest Zoid (Death Meteor featured in Zoids Saga 2, is taller that 2 and a half Empire State buildings stacked on top of each other)

                  ThePrimal: I thank you for posting such info (but to really understand zoids you need to wath all of the Zoids series read all the mangas and play all the games) and also, in Classic Zoids, the main character is named Van Flyheight (i know this because i am able to read japanese and since the copy of Zoids saga i have is japanese i know this)

                  Now as you can see ThePrimal has post pics of Various types of Zoids, we have the Di-Bison (top bull-lookin one) the EZ-051 (forgot its name ATM) The Dark Spiner (need i say more) and finally the Sheild Liger (if you dont know wich one it is you have the IQ of a gnat). Although helpful as to what a Zoids is, those pics dont really say much for the size of a Zoid. Ill use the EZ-051 for an example

                  the EZ-051 is roughly 2 hellbenders long and is the height of 2.5 hellbenders stacked (does that give you a good enough escription as to its size)

                  Ok, if anyone does decide to do these, the zoids will be scaled down (but not way too much) and hopefully a map can be made for the zoids (if any of them are made)


                    yea they should be resized, how elce are you going to take the center node in torlan

                    the Di-Bison shoud be about 3 G-tanks tall and 2 G-tanks wide with a levi missle pack on top, or at least as far as i think

                    god, the poly count on the Di-Bison would be a nightmare unless you cheat atsome of it