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Onslaught Items

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  • Onslaught Items

    So, yeah, I'm coding a bunch of ONS items right now. I need some ideas for some more pickups. So far I've got:

    1) Lockpick/Skeleton Key (haven't quite decided on the name)
    |----- Unlocks any vehicle. Used when you try to enter another team's locked car.
    2) Battery
    |----- Throw it at an unpowered turret to power it. Throw it at a powercore, powernode, or vehicle to slowly heal them. Drive over it to instantly heal your vehicle a little bit.
    3) Pocket Teleporter
    |----- Node-teleport whenever you want.
    4) Teleporter Ticket
    |----- At the node teleport/respawn screen, you can teleport to any node you want.
    5) Ride Ticket (one for each vehicle)
    |----- Use it near a node to get a vehicle.

    (1 & 2 are lost when you die, 3-5 persist after death. All of them are lost upon use, but for most you can hold more than one)

    And that's it. So, uh, anyone have any other ideas? Essentially, anything that would be cool in Onslaught mode. Like, an inventory item, or a relic, or any sort of pickup.

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    I find it hard to believe that nobody has any ideas for this...

    Anyway, I've added two items that'll defend a vehicle from incoming projectiles, the Jammer and the Zapper. The Zapper destroys some projectiles and brings others to a halt. The Jammer sends homing missiles (AVRiL, seeking rockets, Raptor rockets) back at the shooter, and also turns incoming guided redeemer warheads away.


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      it sounds quite good but its a bit complacated to make
      and sorry i don't know how to make this stuff anyway
      the skeltion key sounds good it really bad in onslaught when the other team nicks your vehical and run you over
      the ride ticket is a bit iffy becase the cae lancher has been made
      you can already tranport to any of your nodes when you die
      o if you stand on them and press enter a screen comes up and just click on the node on your team you want to go too
      and the battrey is a BIT OF A CHEAT!! beacase its the hold idea of the game to try and defend your powercore or you could just stand there chucking battries at it yes i do have an idea
      why don't you make a veical which had sencound fire plasma on it so you can charge you powernodes with ease
      or ion turrets like powerturrets with mini ion blasts on it
      or a another veical with normal and secound shock rifle but when you do shock combo it get bigger and bigger like a masive ion cannon it has been done but not with a veacal


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        SERIOUS SAM!!!


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          yes i coped the name of serious sam the first and secound encoter


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            and if not that what if it is then i don't just play unreal


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              if is i did not copy your name i just got in yestaday so i hardly even know anyone


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                The thing about these items is that they're all rare pickups (except the tickets for the less powerful vehicles, which will be a little bit more common), so they can't be overused much. And the thing about the teleporter ticket is that you can teleport to ANY node, even those under attack or the enemy core! The pocket teleporter is kind of useless, but if you're far from a node and don't want to suicide and lose your weapons, it means you don't have to walk. I know about CarLauncher-I wrote it! The ride ticket is mainly a way to prevent having to walk to the next node if your teammates took all the cars...

                And the battery. It seems like a bit of a cheat, and it kind of is. But I am making them Very Rare, and they only heal about 1000 points of damage total. That seems like a lot, but that's only half the default power node health, and 2/9 of the default power core health. It can keep a struggling node alive just a little bit, or extend the game a little, but not much more.

                As for the ideas, I need pickups, not vehicles and turrets. Stuff that is waiting on the ground for you to grab it and use it. Like a tool or something.


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                  After reading one of Hoagie's posts I have decided to add some new items:

                  Stealth Charger:
                  While it has energy remaining, it renders any vehicles you ride invisible. They can still be targeted, they just can't be seen. The bigger the vehicle, the more energy it uses.

                  Incognito Kit:
                  Changes your skin, and the skin of any vehicles you ride, to the opposite team skin. But bots don't care, and observant players can tell the difference. Uses energy, but can be toggled on and off.

                  Target Goggles:
                  While selected, puts a big fat target on every enemy in view, even if they can't be seen. Holding use locks on to a target, like AVRiL alt-fire. Unlike the AVRiL alt-fire, projectiles don't home in. I may try having it lead the target for projectile weapons, but that might make it too powerful.

                  Electroflash Upgrade:
                  Upgrades Assault Rifle grenades and sticky grenades. Upgraded grenades blind players with Target Goggles and drain some energy from all the items with an energy supply.


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                    what did serious hogie want with me anyway?
                    he normal powercore health is 100 not 1000

                    i would put an adjuster on it so you can change the amount of health is give
                    and sorry i did't know you wrote car lancher

                    and what did serious hogie want with me!!!!!!!


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                      From the power node source:
                      And there you have it.


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                        I think SS is going by the numbers at the top, which (correct me if I'm wrong) is a percentage.

                        What about a really rare pick up that give the shooter the damage instead of the shootee?


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                          Status, if anyone cares:
                          Lockpick: %99 done. Needs a few tweaks
                          Battery: First attempt failed, might drop it.
                          Pocket Teleporter: %75 - Coded item, need to code pickup
                          Teleporter Ticket: Much harder than anticipated. Will probably drop
                          Ride Ticket: %50 Basic coding done. It works, though.
                          Jammer: %75 - Coded item, need to code pickup
                          Zapper: %75 - Coded item, need to code pickup
                          Shield Charger: %70. Bots still see you, probably nothing I can do about that.
                          Incognito Kit: No easy way to do that. Might drop.
                          Target Goggles: %35. Very buggy...
                          ElectroFlash: %0. Haven't started

                          Pyro: Cool idea. The way you describe it is probably easy to do. Sure. But I'll probably have it only work if they still have line of sight, so that the guy with the shield isn't totally invincible.

                          OOH! I think I actually did something like this for UT2003, but it didn't turn out right. But anyway, how about an item that upgrades the shield gun and the rocket launcher. Your shield turns into a vortex that swallows incoming projectiles, but uses more ammo. Plus, your rocket launcher alt-fire can charge up to four. When released, it blasts three rockets, PLUS anything your shield swallowed. Spit the flak right back!


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                            How about some powerups that mimick adren moves?


                            Auto-Turret: If you're the only person in a two person vehicle, you can use this power up to gain a temporary (bot) ally that mans the secondary gun for you.

                            Superlink: This rare power-up can be used to upgrade your linkgun so that it will heal nodes twice as fast and it can also be used to heal your powercore.

                            Spy: This power up makes you glow the enemy team color (i.e. if you're on red team, you will have a blue glow around you) and allows you to act as if you were on the enemy team with respect to vehicles, node teleporting, and turrets.

                            Cross: A rare pickup that can be stuck in the ground anywhere. It glows the color of your team and when teammates run through it, it heals them to full health.

                            Stargate: A rare item that can be placed anywhere, but once placed cannot be moved. It acts a node to your teammates with regards to respawning and teleportation (i.e. they can go from any friendly node to the stargate and back). The enemy team can destroy the stargate as if it were a node, and teammates can heal the stargate in the same manner. If the stargate is destroyed, it turns back into a pickup that can be picked up by either team and placed somewhere else.


                            • #15
                              The adren thing would probably be easier than easy. Sure.

                              The auto-turret I would probably rename, and also let it drive for you if you decide to switch seats. But it's too cool not to use.

                              The superlink is a good idea. But I'd only have it heal the powercore at the normal rate, otherwise it might be too powerful.

                              Spy is essentially my skeleton key and teleporter ticket ideas combined, I think. So I probably won't do that.

                              I will do something like the cross. Maybe not exactly like it... But it wll be a deployable item that heals.

                              The stargate I don't know if I can do. But if I can, I'll do it.